14 Countries With the Most American Expats

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Over 8.7 million non-military Americans live overseas.

However, where do most of them live? Well, the answer may surprise you.

When reading this post, you’ll learn about the countries with the most American expats and general information about each country’s expat policies. Afterward, you may have a better idea of where you’d want to go if you’re considering moving overseas.

Countries With Most American Expats

First off, this chart won’t include U.S. military personnel. Moreover, since governments collect information on immigration in various ways, there’s no way to provide factual information about the number of American immigrants in each country.

Please also remember that immigration and visas are a lot to dive into.

So when describing each country, I will mainly talk about factors that may make them appealing to Americans and whether they accept dual citizenship.

For instance, some countries may not collect data on an American’s place of birth but only their citizenship.

The chart was sourced from the U.N. International Migrant Stock at Mid-Year by Sex and Region, Country or Area of Destination, and Origin.

Most of this data was collected from population registers, censuses, and surveys. So, take this information as you will.

CountryNumber of Americans (estimated)
United Kingdom171,000
Hong Kong [1]85,000
South Korea68,000
New Zealand36,000
This chart contains the countries with the most American expats. However, it only has the top 13 countries with the most U.S. expats.

1. Mexico

Mexico offers plenty of culture and history alongside affordable living costs.

Also, there are plenty of places to visit. However—

Only around 10% of the country speaks English.

But, if you decide to visit or transition to this country, you can always consider learning the language. Moreover, you won’t have to give up your existing U.S. citizenship.

2. Canada

America’s friendly northern neighbor offers a stellar quality of life, maple syrup, excellent quality of life, low crime rates, and accessible healthcare—depending on your situation.

Americans can also get dual citizenship in Canada.

3. United Kingdom

The U.K. offers plenty of cultural diversity alongside thousands of years of history.

Moreover, it’s nearby other European countries so that you can explore Europe during a vacation.

You can also have dual citizenship while living in the U.K. as an American.

4. Germany

56% of Germans know English, making it a fantastic European destination for English-speaking expats and nomads. Moreover, U.S. citizens can have dual citizenship in this country that’s ripe with history.

5. Hong Kong

Though Hong Kong only has a land mass of 427 m² (1,106 km²), it’s home to more Americans than most countries out there.

While 89% of the area speaks Cantonese [2], 38% of Hong Konger’s population knows conversational English, which makes it an ideal environment for English speakers.

Hong Kong doesn’t recognize dual citizenship.

6. Australia

Australia is a primarily English-speaking country, making it ideal for anyone who wants to move overseas, but doesn’t want to learn a new language.

Moreover, Australians have a similar quality of life to Americans and don’t have much air pollution.

Otherwise, U.S. citizens can have dual citizenship with Australia.

7. Israel

Around 10% of Israel’s population has dual citizenship, so that’s not a problem for Americans. Moreover, Israel has plenty of great weather and offers diverse cultures.

8. South Korea

The cost of living here is low, and the food is fantastic, which is likely why it has attracted many U.S. citizens.

Moreover, for the most part, Koreans are friendly toward foreigners.

Americans can have dual citizenship unless they’re under certain circumstances.

9. France

A country with great weather and plenty of cultural landmarks has attracted tens of thousands of Americans over the years.

Moreover, at least 39% of the country knows English and allows dual citizenship.

10. Japan

Less than 30% of Japanese speak English.

However, that doesn’t deter most people from moving there.

The land of the rising sun offers plenty of English support, cultural landmarks, and unique dishes to try.

Anyway, if you want to move to Japan, you don’t have to sacrifice your American citizenship.

As for the difficulty of getting a residence permit, that’s up to you to decide. I recommend reading my Japan visa guide to learn more.

11. Spain

Spain allows dual citizenship, and at least 27% of its people speak English.

Otherwise, Americans may want to move to Spain due to its fantastic climate, high quality of life, and ease of getting a residence permit.

Moreover, Spain does offer digital nomad visas for you looking for a place to set up camp.

12. Italy

Italy, the land of culture.

It offers a stunning landscape at an affordable price.

Moreover, when strolling through Italy, you will find a lot of historical monuments like the Colosseum.

In case you’re curious, Italy has allowed dual citizenship since 1992, and around 34% of Italians speak English.

13. The Philippines

First off, when moving to the Philippines, you don’t have to renounce your U.S. citizenship.

Otherwise, the Philippines has plenty of lovely places to move to as a foreigner while at the same time offering affordable living.

Meanwhile, you can explore one of their many beaches during your weekends or go island hopping.

14. New Zealand

If you want to move to New Zealand from the U.S., you don’t have to worry as they do allow dual citizenship. Moreover, you don’t have to become a New Zealand citizen if you want to become a permanent resident.

What do you think of Countries With the Most American Expats?

While no country seems to share identical ways to generate statistics on how many American expats are in their countries, the list above should give us a decent enough visual of where U.S. citizens will congregate.

Thus, we can only guess the countries with the most American expats.

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