Taiwan’s 7-11 icash card

taiwan 7-11 icash 2.0 guide

Learn more about Taiwan’s icash 2.0 card. Throughout this guide, you’ll find the card’s benefits, where it’s supported, and how to add value.

Taiwan ARC (Taiwan’s Resident Visa)

taiwan arc guide

Learn more about the Taiwan ARC (resident visa). Find its requirements, fees, different types, and other information to help you stay in Taiwan.

Useful Phone Numbers in Taiwan

Emergency Service Phone Numbers in Taiwan Service Phone Number Police 110 Fire and Ambulance 119 Repair Services 112 Time 117 Weather Forecast 166 Freeway Condition Information 168 Center for Disease …

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How To Find an Apartment in Taiwan

A vector image of how to find an apartment in Taiwan

You can find an apartment in Taiwan by using Facebook groups, hiring a real estate agent, and other Taiwanese websites. Throughout this guide, I’ll cover these methods and help you …

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