Breakdown of Taiwan’s Living Costs (2022)

Taiwan’s living costs aren’t too high, depending on your lifestyle. Throughout this guide, I’ll cover everyday living expenses in Taiwan. I’ve lived in Taiwan for over three years and have …

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Guide to Fengjia Night Market

Considering visiting Central Taiwan? Explore Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市 or Féngjiǎ Yè Shì) in Taichung City. It’s a hotspot for young people and has more food than you can handle. …

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9 Top Things To Do in Taichung

vector image of a church in taichung

Are you traveling to Taichung and don’t know what to do? Then you’ll need to know what things to do in Taichung. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time aimlessly wandering around …

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13 Souvenirs To Buy in Taiwan as a Gift

vector image of pineapple cakes

The best overall souvenirs to buy in Taiwan are baked goods like pineapple and sun cakes. Taiwan has many non-edible things you should buy as a gift, which I’ll cover …

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How To Get a Prepaid SIM Card in Taiwan

vector image of sim cards

To get a prepaid SIM card in Taiwan, you can find them online, at convenience stores, or in Southeast Asian markets. Alternatively, you can subscribe to eSIM card services and …

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Guide to Ximending Night Market

street food vendors in ximending

You won’t find a Ximending Night Market if you type the name into a search engine. However, once it reaches 5 PM, various street food vendors will open their stalls. …

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Guide to Gongguan Night Market

popular taiwan hamburger stand, gongguan, taipei, taiwan

Gongguan is Taipei City’s largest student district which hosts the National Taiwan University (NTU) Gongguan Campus. It also has a small night market that takes up a small street.  However, …

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