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Digital Nomad Guides

Digital Nomad Packing List

vector image of luggage, a plane ticket, and a passport

While you could browse any packing list on the internet, as a digital nomad, you will have a specific way that you’ll need to pack. That’s where this digital nomad …

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19 Alternatives to Hotels

vector image of a person in a bed

This guide will cover more budget (and sometimes pricier) alternatives to hotels. Each point will cover a hotel alternative, who it’s best for, and whether it’s better than staying in …

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Action Camera Buying Guide

vector image of an action camera

Before adding a GoPro or an alternative to your cart, you’ll want to know what factors will give you the best value. Only consider the factors that you would find …

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Travel Pillow Buying Guide

vector image of a travel pillow

When shopping for a travel neck pillow, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the right one. That’s why you should look into the following factors. Portability The point …

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How To Buy the Best Travel Socks

vector image of socks

Don’t purchase any socks yet. First, figure out what factors will make the socks the best footwear for you. Every part of a sock’s design has a benefit of some …

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