Do You Need a Virtual Mailbox?

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If you’re looking for a way to handle your mail remotely, you’re in luck with modern advancements.

One of them is virtual mailboxes. However, what’s the purpose of a virtual address, and what features do they include?

Keep reading and discover essential information on virtual addresses. Moreover, learn about who they benefit from and whether they’re the right fit for your needs.

What Defines a Virtual Address?

A virtual address gives you a physical address that you can use as a mailing address. Providers who offer these services provide a medium to manage your mail online and decide how you want them to handle the mail they receive.

For instance, you can tell them to forward, recycle, shred, or scan the contents of the mailing items they receive.

Common Features Virtual Address Services Offer

Virtual address services offer many features that help remote businesses and individuals manage their mail. For instance, some providers will provide remote check deposits while others provide lease agreements for business owners to verify their addresses.

Overall, most remote address services will give you a remote “hub” to manage your mail. You can use this “hub” to eliminate junk mail and organize the mail you want to keep using their cloud storage solutions.

Who Benefits From Using a Virtual Address?

The quickest way to determine whether you’ll need a virtual mailbox service is to observe their use cases and who they best suit. While this list may not encompass everyone who will find digital address services helpful, it’ll give you a good idea of whether you should invest.


You’ll need a way to deal with your mail overseas if you intend on relocating. That’s because no matter where you are, there are some pieces of snail mail that you can’t miss, like IRS notices. So, having one of these mailboxes lets you view or forward your mail securely.

Small Businesses and Freelancers

If you have a mailing list, you need to provide an address to maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Fortunately, most virtual mailbox providers offer eligible addresses for you to use as business addresses.

If you’re a business that doesn’t have a physical presence, you can use these addresses to receive and forward mail. Moreover, many virtual address providers will include registered agents required when signing up for a business.

Digital Nomads Who Are on the Move

You could be an expat, a freelancer, a remote worker, or a van lifer; however, you’ll need a mailing address for several reasons no matter what you’re doing. With a virtual mailbox, your mail will follow you around the globe without continually requiring you to change your address.

Privacy-conscious Individuals

While you’re letting someone else deal with your sensitive documents, every virtual address facility and agency partner must meet specific qualifications to handle your mail.

Moreover, many of these companies will perform background checks on employees, install security cameras, and take measures to safeguard your data’s privacy.

Best of all, most providers offer free secure shredding, which means that no one can piece together your recycled mail to steal your information.

Also, regarding privacy, instead of showing your home address on a website that could be hacked, you’ll have a virtual address in its place. That way, if a hacker ever leaks a website’s information, anyone who buys your information won’t know where you live.

You Who Don’t Have Enough Time in Your Day

If you’re busy all day, you don’t have enough time to make it to the post office. Moreover, you likely won’t have enough time to deal with the consequences of suffering from identity theft due to someone stealing a piece of mail.

Having a secure company handle your mail gives you more time to focus on the experience that life offers.

Long-term Travelers

While you may not be permanently staying overseas for potentially the rest of your days, you may find yourself staying in a different location for months or years. To safeguard your mail and ensure you’re not missing any important mail, I recommend that long-term travelers also use virtual mailboxes.

Would You Consider These Services as Useful?

Even if you’re not in the category of any of the individuals that I’ve listed, you still may find virtual mailboxes as a helpful service. Not only do they keep your mail safe and protect your privacy, but they serve as a means to digitize your mailing items and keep them organized.

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