Guide to Dongdamen Night Market

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Hualien City’s Dongdamen Night Market boasts a large number of stalls and serves as the city’s only night market.

It’s actually one of few night markets on the country’s East Coast.

If you’re traveling along this region within Taiwan, you’ll want to know what you’ll find and what to do at this market.

While you read, you’ll learn about Dongdamen’s history, what makes it special, and what food you should try while you’re here.

Quick Facts

HoursEvery day 6 PM–11 PM
Number of Stalls400
Opening dateJuly 2015
CityHualien City
This table shows information for Dongdamen Night Market

Dongdamen Night Market address: No. 415號, Chongqing Rd, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970

Brief History

One of the newer night markets, Dongdamen Night Market—東大門夜市 or Dōngdàmén Yèshì—surfaced in July 2015 in an area where an old train station was.

Dongdamen has over 400 vendors that have a mix of carnival-style games, along with indigenous and other types of food vendors.

It’s the perfect place to grab a snack once you’re done enjoying nearby attractions like Taroko Gorge.

Foods You Should Try

Dishes you should try by street:

  • Aboriginal Street: try magao pepper cocktails and bamboo rice
  • Taiwan Market Lane: sample the double layer sausages or green onion cakes
  • Chinese Food Street: dumplings and noodles

While you’re here, I recommend trying the market’s coffin bread.

It’s a bread bowl filled with creamy chowder. The food isn’t famous in Hualien, but it’s still tasty.

How To Get To Dongdamen Night Market

If you’re coming from the train station, it’ll take you between 30 and 35 minutes to walk to Dongdamen Night market.

City Bus

Let’s say you’re coming from Hualien Train Station in this scenario.

You’ll want to take buses 1123, 301, or 1121. It’ll cost you around NT$25 ($0.88), but it will take you over 15 minutes.

Also, you’ll need to consider the waiting time for the bus. They don’t often run in this area, so you’ll likely wait at least 20 minutes for a bus. By that time, you could have walked.

Taxi or Uber

Otherwise, you may want to consider taking a Uber or taxi. A taxi will cost you around NT$100 ($3)—if you’re coming from the train station—and take you about eight minutes. Many taxi drivers throughout Taiwan don’t speak English, or only know basic English, so just show them the night market’s address.

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Visit Today

After a rough day exploring Taroko National Park, you’ll want to refuel and visit Hualien’s night market.

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