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Dongdamen Night Market is a tourist night market in Hualien City. There aren’t any specific foods to try, but it’s a great place to grab a bite after a long day at the Taroko Gorge. Keep reading to learn more.

I want to help you find the best night markets in Taiwan to visit. I’ve covered many details on Hualien’s night market to help you figure out whether it’s worth seeing.

Quick Facts: Hualien Dongdamen Tourist Night Market

HoursDaily: 6:00 PM–11 PM
Number of Stalls400
Closest Rail StationHualien Train Station
Opening DateJuly 2015
City LocatedHualien City
AddressNo. 415號, Chongqing Rd, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Chinese Name花蓮東大門觀光夜市 (Huālián dōngdàmén guānguāng yèshì)
Facts about Dongdamen Night Market.

Foods To Try at Dongdamen Night Market

The best foods to try at Dongdamen Night Market are as follows:

Coffin breadNowhere specificNA
Stinky tofuNowhere specificNA
Taiwanese hamburgerNowhere specificNA
Grilled mochiNowhere specificNA
Magao pepper cocktail & bamboo riceAboriginal StreetNA
Foods to try at Dongdamen Night Market

You’ll find several streets that specialize in various foods:

  • Taiwan Market Lane: local Taiwanese dishes
  • Aboriginal Street: runs from the North to the South
    • It has various aboriginal dishes
  • Chinese Food Street: adjourned with red lanterns and has different foods from China
dongdamen night market

Coffin bread is a hollowed thick bread slab filled with soup or other fillings. While famous in Tainan, it’s also a snack worth trying while at Dongdamen.

I wrote a separate guide on Taiwanese cuisine to describe what Taiwanese burgers and stinky tofu are. A 割包 (gua bao), or Taiwanese burger, is a slice of pork belly stuffed between steamed buns. I love them.

How To Get to Hualien Night Market

If you’re coming from the train station, it’ll take you between 30 and 35 minutes to walk to Dongdamen Night Market.

City Bus

Take buses 1123, 301, or 1121. It’ll cost you around NT$25 ($0.88), but it will take you over 15 minutes.

Also, you’ll need to consider the waiting time for the bus. They don’t often run in this area, so you’ll likely wait at least 20 minutes for a bus. By that time, you could have walked.

Taxi or Uber

Otherwise, you may want to consider taking an Uber or taxi. A taxi will cost you around NT$100 ($3.00). If you’re coming from the train station, it might take you about 8 minutes.

Many taxi drivers throughout Taiwan don’t speak English, or only know basic English, so just show them the night market’s address.

What’s There To Do Near Dongdamen Tourist Night Market

Check out these nearby tourist hotspots to Dongdamen Night Market:

AttractionWalking TimeTo Do
Hualien Railway Culture Park3 min.Various historical exhibitions
Beibin Park9 min.Oceanside bicycle path
Hualien Port Lighthouse3 min.Scenic view
Nanbin Park14 min.Seaside park
Stone Art Street (石藝大街)4 min.Stone sculptures
Attractions near Dongdamen Night Market.

Hualien Night Market History

One of the newer night markets, Dongdamen Night Market—東大門夜市 or Dōngdàmén Yèshì—surfaced in July 2015 in an area where an old train station was. Otherwise, there isn’t much history behind the night market.

Where to Stay near Dongdamen Night Market


No. 65, Zhongxiao Street, Hualien City, 97046 Hualien City, Taiwan

Close to Nanbin Park Beach.


Hotel Les Champs Hualien

No. 2, Huagang Street, Hualien City, 970 Hualien City, Taiwan

0.2 miles away from Beibin Park Beach.

Glenivy Bed and Breakfast

No. 1號, Kangle St, Hualien City, Hualien County, 970

Extremely close to the Qixing Lake Binhai Bicycle Road.

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