23 Gift Ideas for Travelers

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Having trouble finding a gift for a traveler in your life?

Stop wondering. Explore this huge list of gift ideas for travelers. These gifts are useful, don’t cost too much, and are bound to put a smile on someone’s face.

What Do Travelers Want?

While I can’t speak for every traveler in the world, most travelers usually leave home for the following reasons:

  • Work
  • Experience new perspectives
  • Explore other cultures
  • Distance themselves from home
  • Leave their comfort zone

You’ll want to find thoughtful gifts to help them through the reasons listed above with that knowledge. Or whatever specific reason they have for traveling. If you’re going to dive deeper into what they may want, consider asking them why they travel and what it does for them.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

Whether you need a holiday gift, celebrate an anniversary, need a last-minute idea, explore the following great gift ideas.

Throughout this list of the top gifts for travelers, I will cover what the products are, who they’re suitable for, and where you can find these gifts.

1. International Travel Plug Adapter

Great for:

  • International travelers

I’m sure all of you reading this guide realize that not all the world uses the same plug outlets, which is why this cool gift is vital for travelers. 

However, there are likely millions of international travel adapters on the market, so why not just grab any of those? Because they’re not like the Switzerland-made SKROSS travel adapter. Instead of hauling a bunch of pieces that connect into a typical world adapter, this one has the components built-in for any foreign outlet.

When gifting a travel adapter, ensure to let them know that their electronics need to support the voltage of the travel adapter.

2. Waterproof Journal for Notes

Great for:

  • Taking notes outside
  • Drawing
  • Writing

Do you know someone who loves to take notes or sketch when they’re traveling? Consider giving them a weatherproof notebook. It repels sweat, grease, water, and mud. Moreover, you can write on it with crayons, permanent markers, pencils, and pens.

Rite In The Rain’s waterproof side-spiral notebook comes with 32 sheets (64 pages) and is offered at an excellent deal.

3. Waterproof Resealable Bags to Protect Valuables

Great for:

  • Protecting devices from water
  • Mildew and mold protection
  • Document protection

Humidity, rain, sand, and other harsh conditions will destroy devices if electronics don’t have the proper protection. That’s why I recommend buying someone you care about—who’s on their devices frequently—weatherproof bags to protect their items.

aLokSak offers a variety of waterproof resealable bags to protect a myriad of items from potential damage. Moreover, these bags provide waterproof protection when submerging devices up to 200 feet (around 61 meters).

These will save a special someone money in the future since they won’t have to replace their devices. Also, they may have less stress since they won’t have to worry about getting water or sand all over their electronics.

4. Devices to Track Belongings

Great for:

  • People who frequently lose items
  • Those traveling to areas known for theft
  • Preventing missing luggage

Device trackers may appear as unusual gifts. However, these can act as a valuable tool to help your friend, family member, or acquaintance keep their belongings from the site. Moreover, it can help them prevent losing essential things.

If you’re reading this article while Christmas shopping, device trackers can act as a unique stocking stuffer that’s bound to shock anyone who’s digging in their stocking.

I recommend LandAirSea’s magnetic GPS that’s waterproof, super-compact, and has many helpful features.

5. LifeStraw Products to Purify Tainted Water

Great for:

  • Staying in the wild
  • General travel
  • Emergency preparedness

Can you imagine drinking from almost any body of water and not getting sick? LifeStraw can make that happen with its fiber membrane filtration.

Also, with LifeStraws, you don’t have to let tablets marinate in water or have to deal with boiling. Instead, you just use a LifeStraw like a regular straw. But instead of a cup, you shove it into any body of water.

Even if you’re a secret Santa, you could still find a way to convince someone to love this product if they’re not a traveler. For instance, LifeStraws are excellent for hiking, anyone stranded in an area and in need of water, emergency preppers, and more.

If you feel weird buying a LifeStraw for someone but still want to purchase a water purifier, the company also offers other products—for instance, water bottles and camel packs.

6. Books for Inspiration and Knowledge

Books act as a great medium to pass the time. Also, a special someone may want to learn more about a particular culture, a new language, or other stories from travelers in similar situations to his.

I don’t have a lot of facts that you won’t know about books. Everyone knows what they are and where to get them. However, in case you didn’t think about it, that’s your gift idea for this point.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones to Drown Outside Noise

Great for:

  • Airplanes
  • Relaxing in coffee shops
  • Listening to audio on the go

Noise-canceling headphones make for fantastic Christmas gift ideas for travelers and those who don’t. If the person you’re giving a gift to doesn’t want to have to listen to annoying people on a bus or plane, these are the perfect gifts for her. Also, headphones make for excellent gifts for remote workers or anyone who likes to relax in cafes.

If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t like headphones, you could consider buying earbuds instead.

If you need an idea for a fantastic pair of noise-canceling headphones from a reputable brand, I recommend Sennheiser’s Momentum 3 wireless headphones. Also, these headphones can make calls and have an auto-on/off feature. Furthermore, Sennheiser’s robust headphones will last a long time, which means your giftee won’t have to replace them for a while.

8. Weatherproof Binoculars for Sightseeing

Great for:

  • Visual comfort
  • Top-notch quality viewing from a distance
  • Hiking

Binoculars can make or break an experience when you want to observe nature from afar. That’s why if you’re shopping for binoculars, you should go with the best ones possible. Not only do high-quality binoculars offer more detailed images, but they also last a lot longer than their poorly constructed counterparts.

Zeiss’ German-made waterproof binoculars offer a nearly indestructible casing that also will give you stellar ergonomics while you’re observing nature.

9. AeroPress Coffee Press for a Caffeine Lover

Great for:

  • Coffee enthusiasts
  • Portable coffee
  • Less-acidic coffee

One of the most thoughtful gifts on this list—is for coffee lovers.

An AeroPress espresso and coffee maker allows anyone to brew a bitter-free cup of coffee without encountering the hassles that come with a maker like a French press. Moreover, when the traveler you’re shopping for is at home, they can still utilize the great cups of coffee AeroPress produces.

10. Travel Mug to Keep Drinks at an Ideal Temp.

Great for:

  • Hot beverages while traveling
  • Memorabilia
  • Novelty gift

As I’ve mentioned an AeroPress, a coffee lover will need something to drink their fresh cup of brew from. While there are different types of mugs that anyone can go with, I recommend opting for a travel mug that’ll help keep a drink at a specific temperature.

You could opt for the do-it-yourself route and craft something like a handmade ceramic mug if you want to get creative.

11. Subscription Boxes of Foreign Food

Great for:

  • Nostalgia
  • Experimenting with food from abroad

Are you shopping for a foodie who loves international foods? 

You can find subscription box services for most snacks from around the world, which means that you can tailor your gift toward your special someone’s preferences. For example, do they prefer Korean snacks? Or perhaps food from South Africa? Both boxes and more exist.

Bokksu, a Japanese snack subscription box, for example, acts as a great gift box. They’ll send a box every month based on a theme of Bokksu’s choosing. For instance, in March 2021, they went with a mochi theme.

If you’re shopping for someone who loves Japanese snacks, shop Bokksu. Use my link to save $15 on your order.

12. Laptop for Work and Play

One of the most unique gifts that anyone could get—in my opinion. Laptops are the biggest tool for travelers who are turning into digital nomads. Or if someone wants to use a laptop to work on projects, edit footage, or video chat with the family while they’re away.

13. GoPro to Record Experiences

Great for:

  • Capturing footage
  • Adventure travelers
  • Vloggers

Waterproof, rugged, and records up to 4k. GoPros gives travelers plenty of opportunities to record their journeys or protect themselves from legal troubles if they wear them while riding scooters or bikes in another country.

Also great for someone who’s a runner and wants to record their run for any reason.

14. Compression Socks for Comfort and Protection

Great for:

  • Frequent flyers
  • Runners
  • Those worried about leg swelling

It may not be the best Valentine’s day or another holiday gift. However, compression socks will pair well with other items on this gift list.

If you know a special someone who’s a frequent flyer, consider buying them compression socks. Why? Because these socks will protect them from the slight chance of suffering from blood clots in their legs. Also, these socks are great for reducing the risk of swelling and enhancing circulation in your legs.

Moreover, if the person you’re buying compression socks for thinks they’re an unusual gift, refer them to the link about protecting them from blood clots.

15. Portable Tripod

Great for:

  • Vloggers
  • Photos
  • Versatility

For any friends or family who record a lot of footage or take photos, a tripod is a must. However, they may not be able to fit a full-sized tripod in their bags. That’s why he may benefit from a portable tripod that doesn’t weigh much and is much easier to carry.

I can’t recommend enough to choose Joby’s GorillaPod portable tripod. They work well with GoPros, DSLRs, and other compact devices. Moreover, Joby makes their tripods from super durable materials, so your special someone won’t have to worry about the tripod collapsing and destroying their camera.

Best Travel Gifts for Women

While any gift on this list can act as the best travel gift for women, some items traveling women may enjoy more than others.

If you need gifts for her or mom, keep reading.

16. Door Stop Alarm for Security

Great for:

  • Hotel room security

Like what Emdmak makes, a doorstop alarm serves as an excellent tool to protect anyone staying in a hotel room, Airbnb, or other means of accommodation from intruders. Your special someone plugs one of these under her door, and if someone tries to open the door, a blaring alarm will alert everyone in the building that something’s off.

17. Belt Bag to Prevent Theft

A fantastic gift for her if she’s running and needs something to store her belongings to prevent any thieves from snatching her stuff. Moreover, if she’s at an airport and doesn’t want to have to dig her passport and other travel documents from a purse or backpack, a fanny pack will come in useful in that scenario as well.

Great for:

  • Convenience
  • Stashing valuables
  • Exercising

Best Travel Gifts for Comfort and Organization

Explore some of these fabulous gifts for organizing and offering comfort to travelers during their journey.

18. Travel Technology Organizer

Great for:

  • Organizing electronics
  • Easy access to stuff in your backpack

Compact organizers for her gadgets make an excellent small gift (or add-on) to make it easier to withdraw any cables, a charger, or other devices from a backpack.

19. New Backpack

Great for:

  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Camping

A backpack defines a traveler.

That’s why your special someone should have the best backpack possible when they’re traveling. Otherwise, if their bag rips or sustains damage during a trip, he may lose a lot of their belongings. Moreover, he may also have to spend money on a new bag.

20. E-Reader to Reduce Clutter

Great for:

  • Those who love to read

Give the gift of reading to a buddy or family member with an E-Reader like a Kindle.

Digital readers allow anyone to download over 1999 books to keep herself entertained or educated for endless hours.

21. Packing Cubes for Bag Organization

Great for:

  • Backpack organization

While packing cubes alone may make somewhat lame gifts, pairing them with other items on this list is an excellent gift idea.

I don’t have many opinions or additional facts about packing cubes. They help organize luggage and backpacks by grouping certain items together.

If you want packing cubes that offer a lifetime warranty, I recommend Eagle Creek’s packing cubes.

Best Travel Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

Explore this section for great gifts and gadgets for travelers you know who love technology or are worried about their privacy. Also, some of these unique gifts may be things that the person you’re shopping for never heard of, which means they’ll likely be surprised.

22. Yubikey for Data Security

A Yubikey is a hardware multifactor authentication key made by YubiCo.

It’s an excellent gadget that allows anyone to add another layer of protection to online accounts through a key that connects to your devices.

Without the key, no one else can access the accounts.

Conversely, keep in mind that a majority of websites don’t support Yubikey. However, some of the most important websites do. For instance, Google, cryptocurrency platforms like Coinbase, and various website hosting platforms.

Moreover, a Yubikey is the best gift for anyone who wants to enhance their online security. In a way, it’s almost mandatory to have due to all of the recent data leaks and hacks to companies.

Great for:

  • Online account security
  • Extra computer login security
  • Data protection

Want to know more about Yubikey’s security from a current Yubikey owner? Dive into this review.

23. Skyroam Portable Internet for Worldwide Internet

Do you know someone who’s going to a different country and needs data?

Consider introducing them to Skyroam.

It’s a mobile hotspot device that provides data for multiple devices in over 130 countries. It’s a great alternative to the recipient having to register for an overseas SIM card.

Unlike other tech gifts on this list, Skyroam requires additional purchases. For example, if the person who uses this portable mobile hotspot runs out of data, they will need to refresh it. You could also consider purchasing prepaid WiFi plans to help them.

Great for:

  • International data
  • Remote work
  • SIM-free data

Don’t Let Anyone Travel Unprepared

Hopefully, this traveler’s gift guide gave you some ideas on the best gifts for travelers. If you still have trouble shopping, or you’re worried they may not like whatever you buy, consider buying a gift card to one of their favorite shops.

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