How to Choose a Travel Laptop

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Don’t know what you need in a laptop for working remotely?

Explore this guide on selecting a laptop for home use to give you a better idea of what to buy.

Battery Life

If you intend on working from your home all the time, this won’t matter as much since you can just run off of your laptop’s power adapter. However, if you’re on the move, you will want to ensure that you buy a laptop that’ll give you the longest screen time without having to charge.

Webcam Quality

If you’re continually using video conferencing software like Skype, Zoom, or whatever else, you’ll need a good webcam. That way, potential employers, clients, or whoever can see your face during a video conversation.

However, if video quality matters to you, keep the following in mind. The higher the video quality that you send, the more internet bandwidth your application will require.

Operating System

While companies design most of their software around Windows and Apple operating systems, you will want to mind which operating system you use.

First, you may run into software that performs better on one operating system. Moreover, you may want to avoid downloading software to enable you to use software from another operating system.

RAM Amount

RAM acts as a crucial part of the system that determines your laptop’s speed and performance. If you don’t have enough of it for what you’re doing, you’ll notice sluggish performance.

Keep in mind that not all laptops allow you to add more RAM. Therefore, when shopping for a computer, keep in mind what your workflow looks like and how much RAM you’ll need to support your productivity.

Keep the following benchmarks in mind when looking at RAM for a laptop:

  • 4 GB: if you don’t use too many tasks at once, you can get away with this amount of RAM
  • 8 GB: fine for most tasks
  • 16 GB: great for gaming
  • 32 GB: overkill; however, if you want to future-proof your device, I would advise you to go this route

CPU Cores

Core Processing Unit (CPU)—the computer’s brains.

CPUs fetch inputs from your device’s RAM, decodes, then processes it.

To further break CPUs down, they have what’s called cores. Cores are split versions of the CPU—each can run processes. The more cores a CPU has, the more power it has to run multiple programs simultaneously.

Moreover, there are three different CPU companies to choose from; Intel, AMD, and Apple.

Suppose you’re looking for the best CPUs for productivity, to AMD or Apple processors. But keep in mind that with Apple CPUs, you’ll only find them in Apple products.

If you’re looking for a better CPU for gaming, opt for Intel central processing units.

These are only suggestions. You’ll find that many laptops come with Intel processors, yet they can handle most productivity tasks with ease. 

Additional Features

As with everything on this list, you’ll want to ensure you invest in a laptop that’ll have the features you need.

If you want additional security, you could opt for a laptop with a fingerprint scanner.

If you want more reliable wireless connectivity, go for WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Do you like drawing? Look for a device that supports touchscreens and supports touch screen pens.

The list goes on. When searching for features, just read through the laptop’s listing and see if they have what you’ll need. Moreover, compare how much these features add to the device’s price tag.

Speaking of security, enhance the security of your accounts with a YubiKey hardware security key.

Device Storage Capacity

Do you need to store a lot of files? Then, you’ll need more memory.

You could achieve more memory from an external hard drive, cloud storage, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or by purchasing a laptop with a bigger hard drive.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Laptops for Remote Work

Before making your purchase, you should understand the best ways to treat your laptop to prevent damage.

Explore these frequently asked questions about the best laptops for remote work to help you understand what you’re buying.

How To Use Laptop Battery in Best Way

To use your laptop battery in the best way, you will want to follow these suggestions:
Look into whether you can plug it at all times: reduces the ware from charging cycles
Store your laptop somewhere cool (59 °F or 15 °C): prevents permanent capacity loss with your battery’s charge
Mind your laptop’s airflow: try not to block your laptop fan vents
Disable Bluetooth: saves you power if you don’t need to use this feature
Deactivate keyboard backlights: drains your device’s power; moreover, you won’t need it unless you stare at your keyboard

These tips will help you maximize your laptop’s lifespan.

Tablet vs. Laptop for Working From Home

Choosing a laptop or a tablet for working from home depends on your preferences.
If you need a lightweight and portable device at the cost of ports to connect peripherals like a mouse or keyboard, then go for a tablet. Otherwise, go for a laptop.

However, just look for a lightweight laptop if you need a slim and light device to carry with you to a coworking space, coffee shop, or whatever.

Are you looking for coworking spaces? My guide will teach you how to find the best coworking space.

What Types of Laptops Are There?

Different types of laptops include:
Chromebook: runs Linux-based ChromeOS, which primarily works with web applications
Convertible: combines a computer and a tablet to create a 2-in-1 device
MacBook: these run on Apple-based operating systems and run M1 CPUs instead of Intel or AMD
Netbook: small, slow, and affordable laptops
Notebook: full-sized laptops that balance functionality and portability
Tablet (as a laptop): tablets with the power of a computer; moreover, you can use them with detachable keyboards
Ultrabook: must meet criteria in various areas like weight, battery life, security, and chipsets
Ultraportable: slim, light, and designed for portability at the cost of connection ports

Concluding Best Laptops for Digital Nomads

As you can see, laptops exist for almost any scenario for when you’re working from home.

When shopping, keep in mind what you need and why before clicking the buy now button. Moreover, ensure you treat your laptop well to get the most years possible from it.

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