How to Travel With Pets in 2022

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If you’re traveling for a vacation or expatriating to another country and have a fluffy companion at your side, you’ll need to know how to ferry them to your destination.

Unfortunately, critters don’t enjoy the same luxuries as humans when traveling, so you’ll need to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Learn how to travel with pets. Explore questions you might have when traveling with pets. Moreover, I’ll go over tips for journeying with your companions by land, air, and sea, including frequently asked questions regarding these mediums of transportation.

How Do I Take My Pet From the United States to Another Country?

To take your pet from the United States to another country, you’ll need to read through the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) list of requirements by country.

How Much Does It Cost for Pet Travel?

The price for traveling with a pet requires you to calculate many variables like:

  • Airline pet fees: airlines will usually charge between $100–$125
  • Supplies to prepare your pet for their trip
  • Health certifications for your companion
  • Pet Vaccinations
  • Purchasing medication ahead of time
  • Pet tranquilizers or training to ensure they’re calm during flights
  • Pet hotel costs
  • Higher prices for specialized transportation that allows pets

If you’re going on a vacation and coming back, you could consider leaving your companion with a credible pet sitter to mitigate the risks of having your pet in a boat, plane, or car.

What Should You Pack for Your Pet When Traveling?

When traveling with your pet, you should pack the following:

  • Your veterinarian’s contact information
  • List of Veterinarians and 24-hour Emergency Hospitals along the way and close to your destination
  • Identification for your pet: ID tag with your name, address, and phone number and a color photo of your companion
  • First aid kit for your pet: American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has a first aid supplies checklist
  • Prescribed medications
  • A crate that fulfills airline requirements
  • Dishes for food and water
  • Pet food. Pack enough to last until you reach your destination
  • Harness, collar, or leash
  • Pet-friendly sunscreen
  • Floatation wear you can put on your pet to prevent them from drowning

How Do I Find Hotels for My Pets?

To find hotels for your pets, you should first check if hotels that you’re interested in booking offer accommodation for pets and what their policies include.

If they aren’t pleasant, consider a website like Pet-Friendly Hotels.

Using their search options, you can search for hotels, motels, and more throughout the United States and see how others rate their pet policies.

Moreover, you can always take a shot at Google Maps and type “pet hotels” and then see what appears in your area. Ensure you research your choices and vet them before making a decision. Some hotels may have fake or bought reviews, so keep an eye on how people word their assessments.

What Does Pet-Friendly Hotel Mean?

A pet-friendly hotel means that they serve as an accommodation-focused business that offers amenities that attract pet owners.

Some of these pet-friendly services may include:

  • Specialized pet bedding
  • Treats for your pets
  • Dog walking maps
  • Pet-sitting services

What Are Some Tips for Traveling With Pets by Plane?

Some tips for traveling with pets by plane include:

  • Ask your veterinarian about feeding schedules for your critter
  • Aim for non-stop flights to avoid plane transfers
  • Avoid flying on holidays—if you’re flying internationally, keep their busy flight dates in mind
  • If you’re flying in cold weather, target mid-day flights
  • If you’re flying in warm weather, aim for later evening or early morning flights
  • Double-check your flight arrangements the day before you leave to prevent mishaps
  • Notify flight attendants that your pet’s in the cargo hold
  • Either arrive at the airport early to exercise your pet or do so before you leave

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling With Pets On Planes

Keep reading, and you might find questions you didn’t know you had about traveling with pets on planes.

What Airlines Allow Pets?

The following are some airlines that allow you to fly your pets in cargo or the cabin:
American Airlines
Jet Blue
Delta Airlines
Air Canada
Air France
Air India
Eva Air
Swiss International Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines
Japan Airlines

Many of these airlines allow you to bring critters like dogs, cats, rabbits (sometimes), and other pets you’d want to travel. However, each has fee structures and requirements—documents.

Keep in mind that these airlines may change their policies at a moment’s notice. Ensure you check their pet policy before buying a ticket. Moreover, some of the mentioned airlines may only allow service animals.

Some airlines may restrict people from bringing particular breeds on board, so look into their policies to see if they’ll allow your pet.

Which Airlines Has the Cheapest Pet Fee

Air Canada has the cheapest pet fee, starting at CAD 100 ($82) within Canada and USA flights—except in Canada. However, these fees fall under tax rates that’ll rise to 18%, depending on your itinerary.

Where Are Pets Kept on Planes?

Aircraft loaders will usually keep pets in cargo areas on airliners. However, it depends on what your airline allows. Some allow you to keep your pets in the cabin with you, so you’ll have to keep them in a kennel, and therefore, you can know they’re safe.

Let’s segway back to the air cargo where airlines store your pets. They’ll keep your pets in unpressurized and climate-controlled sections of the cargo hold.

When loading the plane, baggage handlers will strap your pets’ crates and, once in a while, wrap them with a perforated air cushion. So, your pet will experience the same flying conditions as you.

Do Pets Need Airline Tickets?

Pets do need an airline ticket; however, they aren’t the same as our tickets. Pet airline tickets usually come in the form of pet fees charged by airlines.

What Documentation Do You Need to Fly With Pets?

You’ll need the following documentation to fly with your pets:
Medical records: up-to-date information regarding needed medication and pre-existing conditions
Proof of vaccinations
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection: a health certificate that shows your pet doesn’t have any diseases. Certified veterinarians must issue these within ten days of your trip
Acclimation certificate: only some airlines may require this document
Keep in mind airlines’ requirements for animal documentation may vary.

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What Are Some Tips for Traveling With Pets by Car?

Some tips for traveling by car with pets include:

  • Stop by a rest stop every couple of hours to exercise your pet and give them a bathroom break
  • Ensure you correctly and safely strap your pets to prevent them from interfering with the driver
  • Bring their favorite toy to comfort them during the journey
  • Acclimate your pet to road trips by taking several short car rides to exciting places with them first
  • Don’t let animals stick their heads out the window—debris may smack them
dog sticking his head outside a car window | this image will not appear on Safari and Internet explorer browsers

What Are Some Tips for Traveling With Pets by Boat?

Some tips for traveling with pets by boat include:

  • Call the boat operator or marina ahead of time to ensure they’re pet-friendly
  • Bring a ramp so your pet can easily walk on and off the boat
  • Ensure you bring floatation wear

The mentioned tips apply to traveling with your critters on a cruise, personal boat, ferry, and more.

How Will My Pet Go to the Bathroom When on a Boat?

Your pets will go to the bathroom on a boat wherever you trained them. If you’re bringing a cat, I suggest getting a litterbox that you can secure to the floor of the ship. However, you prefer dogs; you may want to train them to release themselves on newspapers, astroturf, or a box of sod.

What Should I Do To Prepare When Traveling on a Cruise With My Pet?

To prepare for traveling on a cruise with your pet, ensure you contact the operator ahead of time to understand their restrictions and required documentation. If they do allow pets, they will likely require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Are You Ready to Safely Travel With Your Pet?

I hope these tips helped you prepare to safely travel with your pets. Remember to stay up-to-date with your airlines’ pet policies to ensure you can travel with your furry friend.

Travel Tips That’ll Help You and Your Pets