How To Make International Calls With Google Voice

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Whether you’re a traveler, expat, nomad, or VoIP seeker, Google Voice is a fantastic tool for you.

Moreover, if you’re researching whether it’s worth using Google Voice, you’re likely wondering if and how to make international calls for free with Google Voice.

To burst your bubble, you can’t make free international calls with Google Voice unless you’re calling Canada. However, you can dial numbers in other countries at an affordable rate.


To make international calls with Google Voice, add credits to your Google Voice balance, then dial the phone number you want to reach and include the country code.

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn whether you can use Google Voice internationally, how to pay for international calls, and how to make outbound calls to other countries from Google Voice on its various platforms.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to call China, Chinese telecom carriers may block your outbound calls to China.

How Do I Pay for International Calls With Google Voice?

To pay for international calls with Google Voice, you will need to add credit to your account. Then, whenever you make an international call, Google will deduct from your balance based on how much the call cost.

You can find Google Voice international calling rates per minute here. Keep in mind that all calls within the United States and Canada are free.

Step 1: Navigate to the Cog Icon

google voice app screenshot icons

Navigate to the cog icon and click to enter the Settings menu.

Click the second to the far-right icon.

Step 2: Navigate to “Payments”

google voice app screenshot settings - payments

Click “Add Credit” and select the amount you want to add.

Step 3: Select the Amount That You Want To Add

google voice app screenshot add credit setting

Google only lets you choose from $10, $25, and $50 to add. Moreover, your credit balance can’t exceed $70.

Tip: if you don’t want to store your debit card on Google’s servers, use a service like to generate burner credit card numbers.

How To Make International Calls With Google Voice on Desktop

Step 1: Whether you’re using Mac, PC, or Linux, open your browser, navigate to the search bar, and type

Step 2: If you haven’t added credits to your Google Voice balance, do so now

Step 3: Navigate back to the main page and the dial pad. Afterward, dial the country code of where you want to call and follow it with the number you’d like to reach.

google voice app screenshot dial pad
First, dial the country code.

4: Click the phone icon and listen for a Voice message that’ll relay the rate per minute of the call you’re making. Once it’s finished, your call will start.

How Do I Make International Calls on Smartphones With Google Voice?

This tutorial will cover both Android and iOS operating systems. However, dialing international numbers from Google Voice on your phone isn’t much different than using a desktop.

1: Open Your Google Voice Application

Ensure that you’re logged into your Google account with enough balance to make your call.

2: Tap the Green Circle in the Lower Right Corner (Dial Icon)

google voice app screenshot

This will take you to the dial screen, where you will first need to enter the country code of where you’re dialing and afterward the phone number.

3: Check the Carrier Notice

More details in the next paragraph—and begin your call.

When using Google Voice on any mobile operating system, make sure to read the message that appears after dialing the number. It should tell you that Google Voice is routing your call or how much credit your call will require.

If you don’t receive this notification, that means Google Voice isn’t routing your call. Thus, you should check to ensure you have enough credits. Moreover, restart Google Voice if you continually have errors.

FAQ: How To Make International Calls With Google Voice

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should create a Google Voice VoIP phone number, you may have more questions. I’ve done what I could to answer those inquiries by aggregating various questions about the service from around the internet.

Can Google Voice Be Used Internationally?

Yes, you can use Google Voice internationally if you have already registered for a Google Voice number while still in the United States. With that said, you can’t register for a Google Voice number overseas.

While you could use specific virtual private networks (VPN) to make yourself appear inside the US and register for a Google Voice number, doing so apparently violates their terms of service. After reading through their terms of service, I cannot confirm whether this information is correct. Therefore, proceed with caution if you decide to use a VPN.

Also, I can’t recommend any specific VPNs to register for a Google Voice number overseas.

Is Google Voice Free for International Calls?

Google Voice isn’t free when making international calls—unless you’re calling Canada, which is free.

You will need to read Google Voice rates to see how much of your balance you’ll lose whenever you make an international call.

Google Voice Is an Excellent Telephone Service for Anyone

While Google Voice isn’t ideal for small business owners or as a means to receive two-factor authentication codes.

Also, while it’s hit-and-miss as to what companies will accept Voice as a valid phone number, Google’s free VoIP service still makes an excellent tool for texting and calling family, friends, and some businesses from the US.

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