Guide to Jingmei Night Market

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Jingmei night market is a vast (non-tourist) night market that borders Taipei and New Taipei cities. However, it’s a traditional market during the day, which still hosts quite a lot of food stands.

So no matter what time of the day you arrive, you’ll find this area busting.

While nothing is crazy here, you can find businesses that offer knife massages or facials. Otherwise, you can get lost and explore the various dishes spread throughout this labyrinth.

How To Get To Jingmei Night Market

You can reach this market by arriving at Dapinglin Station using the Taipei MRT, a terminal station for the Circular Line, and transfers to the Green Line.

Or, you can depart at Jingmei Station (Green Line).

Quick Facts

Jingmei Night Market hours: 4 PM–12 AM

Specialties you must try:

  • Teppanyaki
  • Saltwater chicken
  • Goose meat noodles

Jingmei Market location: Jingmei St, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

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