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Jingmei Night Market is a street food market that spans from Jingzhong Street to Muzha Road. A couple of foods you should try here include sesame oil chicken and tofu pudding. Read on to learn more.

I used to live beside Jingmei Night Market. I grouped my experience with other information to help you decide whether this market’s worth visiting.

Quick Facts: Jingmei Night Market

Hours5:00 PM–12 AM
Number of Stalls* Hundreds
Closest Rail StationJingmei Station (Taipei MRT)
Opening DateUnknown
City LocatedTaipei City
AddressJingmei St, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116
Chinese Name景美夜市 (Jǐng měi yèshì)
Jingmei Night Market Information

* 1 Source

jingmei night market entrance
One of the entrances.

Other than food vendors, you could see stalls with interesting services, shops, and attractions like:

  • Night market games: Taiwanese pinball is common here
  • Clothing: affordable clothing shops
  • Body hair threading: body hair removal
  • Knife massages (Dao Liao): massages with meat cleavers meant to soften muscle tissues

The market caters to students and locals. So you likely won’t find many English speakers.

Foods To Try at Jingmei Night Market

Here are some foods you’ll want to try at Jingmei Night Market:

Tofu puddingJingmei Tofu PuddingNo. 86, Jingmei St, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116
Rice noodle soupXiang Zi Nei Rice Noodle SoupNo. 80號, Jingmei St, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116
Oyster vermicelliGao Jia Four Spirits Soup116台北市文山區景美街139號
Shanghai fried bunsJingmei Shanghai Pan-Fried Buns116台北市文山區景文街55號
Saltwater (salted) chickenHao Chi Salt Chicken116台北市文山區景文街133號
TeppanyakiChi You Teppanyaki116台北市文山區景文街73號
Foods to try at Jingmei Night Market

Here’s a map to visualize all these food stalls and restaurants:

Chi You Teppanyaki has English, Japanese, and Chinese menus on its Facebook page. So you can check out what you’ll want beforehand.

Jingmei soybean (tofu) pudding has 3 ingredients and only costs NT$45. But you may have a problem if you don’t know Mandarin or have a translator. Because you’ll need to choose a combination of toppings.

These toppings include:

  • Taro balls
  • Glutinous rice balls
  • Peanuts
  • Red beans
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pineapples
  • Baoxin noodle balls (weird translation)

How To Get To Jingmei Night Market

Depart from Jingmei Station (Green Line) when using the Taipei MRT. Leave from Exit 1 and cross the street. Then you’ll see the night market.

Depart Dapinglin Station (Green and Circular Lines) from Exit 1 and rent a YouBike. From there, cross the Beixin Bridge into Taipei City, and you’ll see Jingmei Night Market.

Be careful when crossing the bridge. It has narrow lanes, and you may encounter careless drivers at times.

It’s about a 5-minute bike ride.

Things To Do Near Jingmei Night Market

Jingmei Night Market becomes a traditional market if you’re here during the day. So you’ll find fresh fruits, vegetables, and poultry for sale. And some dope Vietnamese coffee.

Though I don’t know if that coffee’s still there.

You can find some breakfast food stands. And once you grab a bite, you can go to the Xianjiyan hiking trail (仙跡岩). It’ll take you 90 minutes to reach the first summit. Then you’ll spend an additional 3 hours to venture further.

It’s a well-maintained trail that’ll give you a nice view of Taipei and New Taipei cities. And there aren’t many people. So it’s peaceful.

You can head to Dapinglin and go to Carrefour. The lower floors have a bunch of outlet stores and restaurants. Meanwhile, the floors above Carrefour include high-end restaurants and a golf driving range.

And you can see the HTC headquarters.

I recommend walking (or riding a bike) along the riverside. It hugs the borders of New Taipei and Taipei cities.

jingmei river side
It’s pretty well-lit.

Go far east, and you’ll find yourself at Taipei Zoo (link to discounted gondola tickets). North will take you toward downtown Taipei City. Or to Tamsui.

Getting to Tamsui will take you forever. So I don’t recommend that route.

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