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Most Popular Messaging Apps by Country in 2022. A Huge List

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A good portion of countries uses different chat apps. Who would have thought?

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If you’re traveling anywhere in the world, you’ll likely want to communicate with your new friends, colleagues, or whoever else. Read along and explore the most popular messaging apps used by every country.

However, there’s an exception to one country. You’ll have to keep reading to find this sole exception.

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Most Popular Chat Apps by Country

To quickly find your desired country, use the following commands

  • Windows: Ctrl+F
  • macOS: Command+F
  • Mobile browsers: navigate to your options and tap Find In Page”
  • Or, you can use the “Search for your country” field in the table below

I sourced this list from Similarweb. While the article says it’s from 2016, the same post also states that it was updated in April 2021.

Keep in mind that factors like users with multiple phones can affect these findings.

Country Social apps
Afghanistan Messenger
Albania Viber
Algeria Messenger
Andorra Whatsapp
Angola Whatsapp
Argentina Whatsapp
Armenia Viber
Australia Messenger
Austria Whatsapp
Azerbaijan Whatsapp
Bahamas Whatsapp
Bangladesh Messenger
Belarus Viber
Belgium Messenger
Belize Messenger
Benin Whatsapp
Bhutan WeChat
Bolivia Whatsapp
Bosnia and Herzegovina Viber
Botswana Whatsapp
Brazil Whatsapp
Brunei Whatsapp
Bulgaria Messenger
Burkina Faso Whatsapp
Burundi Whatsapp
Cambodia Messenger
Cameroon Whatsapp
Canada Messenger
Central African Republic Messenger
Chad Whatsapp
Chile Whatsapp
China WeChat
Columbia Whatsapp
Costa Rica Whatsapp
Croatia Whatsapp
Cuba imo
Cyprus Messenger
Czech Republic Messenger
Democratic Republic of the Congo Whatsapp
Denmark Messenger
Djibouti Whatsapp
Dominican Republic Whatsapp
East Timor Whatsapp
Ecuador Whatsapp
Egypt Whatsapp
El Salvador Whatsapp
Equatorial Guinea Whatsapp
Eritrea ChatON
Estonia Messenger
Ethiopia Viber
Falkland Islands Whatsapp
Fiji Messenger
Finland Whatsapp
France Messenger
French Guiana Whatsapp
French Guiana Whatsapp
Gabon Whatsapp
Georgia Messenger
Germany Whatsapp
Ghana Whatsapp
Greece Messenger
Greenland Messenger
Guatemala Whatsapp
Guinea Messenger
Guinea-Bissau Messenger
Guyana Whatsapp
Hong Kong WeChat
Hungary Messenger
Iceland Messenger
India Whatsapp
Indonesia BBM
Iran Telegram
Iraq Viber
Ireland Whatsapp
Israel Whatsapp
Italy Whatsapp
Ivory Coast Messenger
Jamaica Whatsapp
Japan Line
Jordan Whatsapp
Kazakhstan Whatsapp
Kenya Whatsapp
Kuwait Whatsapp
Kyrgyzstan Whatsapp
Laos Whatsapp
Latvia Whatsapp
Lebanon Whatsapp
Lesotho Whatsapp
Liberia Messenger
Libya Viber
Liechtenstein Whatsapp
Lithuania Messenger
Luxembourg Messenger
Macedonia Viber
Madagascar Messenger
Malawi Whatsapp
Malaysia Whatsapp
Mali Viber
Mauritania Whatsapp
Mauritius Whatsapp
Mexico Whatsapp
Moldova Viber
Mongolia Messenger
Morocco Whatsapp
Mozambique Whatsapp
Myanmar Viber
Namibia Whatsapp
Nepal Messenger
Netherlands Whatsapp
New Zealand Messenger
Nicaragua Whatsapp
Niger Whatsapp
Nigeria Whatsapp
Norway Messenger
North Korea Unknown
Oman Whatsapp
Pakistan Whatsapp
Palestine Messenger
Panama Whatsapp
Papua New Guinea Whatsapp
Paraguay Whatsapp
Peru Whatsapp
Philippines Messenger
Poland Messenger
Portugal Messenger
Puerto Rico Whatsapp
Qatar Whatsapp
Romania Messenger
Russia Whatsapp
Rwanda Whatsapp
Saudi Arabia Whatsapp
Senegal Whatsapp
Serbia Viber
Sierra Leone Whatsapp
Singapore Whatsapp
Slovakia Messenger
Slovenia Messenger
Somalia Whatsapp
South Africa Whatsapp
South Korea KakaoTalk
Spain Whatsapp
Sri Lanka Viber
Sudan Whatsapp
Suriname Whatsapp
Sweden Messenger
Switzerland Whatsapp
Syria Whatsapp
Taiwan Line
Tajikistan Viber
Tanzania Whatsapp
Tajikistan Viber
Thailand Line
Togo Whatsapp
Trinidad and Tobago Whatsapp
Tunisia Messenger
Turkey Whatsapp
Turkmenistan Line
Uganda Whatsapp
Ukraine Viber
United Arab Emirates Whatsapp
United Kingdom Whatsapp
United States Messenger
Uruguay Whatsapp
Uzbekistan Telegram
Venezuela Whatsapp
Vietnam Zalo
Western Sahara Whatsapp
Yemen Whatsapp
Zambia Whatsapp
Zimbabwe Whatsapp

Frequently Asked Questions About Messaging Apps

Still have questions about about messaging apps? Dive into this list of frequently asked questions to find your answers.

What Chat App Does the World Use the Most?

From what I found, 109 countries use WhatsApp the most. This powerhouse of a social app surpasses the mere 49 countries that use Facebook Messenger.

However, Meta—formerly Facebook Inc.—owns both companies. So, Zuckerberg wins the battle of the chat apps either way.

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Is Telegram Made in India?

Telegram was originally made in Russia. However, in 2014 Telegram left Russia and became a registered LLC in the United States. Also, Telegram’s legal domicile headquarters is in London. Whereas, their operational center is in Dubai.

Do You Have the Right Apps Downloaded?

Out of all of the available mobile messaging applications, most countries only use a select bunch. However, don’t forget to explore other apps when the opportunity arises.

If you’re a traveler, don’t forget to download any of these apps before you head to your destination. Otherwise, you may find yourself outside the loop.

P.S. if you didn’t catch the website that doesn’t have a known social media website, the country begins with an “N”.

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