Guide to Raohe Night Market

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Raohe, or Raohe Street, Night Market spans 600 meters (1968 feet) long and sits nestled in northeastern Taipei City.

As you venture through this Taiwanese night market, you’ll find fortune-telling birds, carnival-style games, plenty of street food stands, and various shops.

Dive deeper into this guide about the Raohe Night Market to learn:

  • The market’s history
  • What foods you should try
  • Nearby attractions
  • How to get there

Quick Facts

HoursEvery day 5–11 PM
Number of StallsUnknown
Opening dateMay 11th, 1987
CityTaipei City
This table shows information for Raohe Street Tourist Night Market

Raohe Street Night Market address: Raohe St, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Raohe Street Tourist Night Market History #

During the Qing Dynasty, Raohe was a transportation hub known as Xikou. This hub routed its goods that came from various northern cities through the Keelung River.

As sediments accumilated in the river, the northern body of water eventually became obselete.

In 1987, the Taipei City government transformed the former river hub into the nation’s second tourist night market.

What Can You Find Nearby? #

Toward the market’s eastern end lies Ciyou Temple, which a group of wandering monks founded in 1753. It’s a Taoist temple that’s dedicated to the Goddess Matsu.

There’s also a massive pilgrimage in different parts of Taiwan dedicated to this goddess during the Mazu pilgrimage.

When around the area, be sure that you’re by the riverside so you can catch the sun setting. You can also stroll along the steel cable suspended bridge, Rainbow Bridge. There’s nothing special across the river, but it’s a great way to exercise and get fresh air.

If you want to optimize your trip, I recommend visiting Raohe Street Tourist Night Market at night on the way back from a daytrip to one of the following places:

Foods You Should Try at Raohe Street Night Market #

Black pepper bun, or Hujiao bing, at Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun: Michelin-recommended stand with long, yet fast-moving lines. It’s the first stand you’ll see when entering from the Ciyou Temple entrance. If you’re familiar with Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, you’ll have seen this stand.

He said “it’s good.”

I also recommend it.

There’s also stinky tofu at Hsia Kang Ming Peng Stinky Tofu.

Then deep-Fried Potato Spiral at Potato Cyclone (馬鈴薯旋風).

If none of those are what you want, get deep-fried Milk on a Stick at Kenting Pasture Fried Milk (炸鮮奶).

For dessert, try Mochi and Tsaiyen at Mochi Baby (麻糬寶寶): a Michelin-recommended stall that offers gelatinous, yet vegan products.

The mochi is NT$50 ($1.70) for a small amount and $NT70 ($2.45) large amount. It was the best mochi I’ve had. Not too chewy.

The tsaiyen was NT$30 ($1). If you freeze it, tsaiyen will have an interesting taste and texture combination.

How To Get To Raohe Night Market #

Raohe Night Market, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

The easiest way to get to Raohe Night Market is to take the Taipei MRT Green Line to Songshan Station and depart from Exit 5. Afterward, cross the street to Ciyou Temple and turn right.

Otherwise, if you take a train to reach Taipei, move from the train station toward the MRT Station, then you can also depart from Exit 5.

Visit Raohe While You’re in Taipei

While it may not have the most nearby attractions, Raohe Night Market is the perfect way to finish off a day of adventuring.

Try some of the various delicious foods. Have a bird tell your fortune. Most importantly, have a great time in Taiwan.

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