19 Alternatives to Hotels

vector image of a person in a bed

There are places other than hotels that you can stay in for a while on vacation. Most of these places are cheaper than hotels and offer a unique experience. Moreover, …

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15 Tips To Save Money for Vacation

vector image of a plane in a piggy bank

On average, it’ll cost an American over $1558 for a one-week vacation. These costs don’t include any unpredictable events, airfare, and don’t account for potential cost increases depending on where …

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How To Travel Light

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If you’ve been looking for unique ways to pack light, you’re in the right spot. Once you’re done exploring this guide, you won’t have to worry about hauling your home …

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How To Become a House Sitter in 2022

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Have you ever thought about how much money people could save by house sitting? Let’s say that these homeowners with animals need to go on a trip. These homeowners will …

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