10 Unique Taiwanese Foods

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If you’re thinking about visiting Taiwan, you will need to prepare yourself. Not just for traveling, but for the food as well. What could be so bad about the food? …

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Guide to Chenghuang Temple Night Market

Coming to or passing Hsinchu City? You’ll want to explore the area’s infamous ancient Chinese temple and noteworthy night market. Throughout this piece, I’ll talk about Hsinchu City’s Chenghuang Temple …

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Guide to Xinzhuang Night Market

xinzhuang night market

The area surrounding Xinzhuang Temple Street used to be a massive trading port due to its close proximity to the nearby major river. Over time, that has changed. Now this …

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Guide to Tainan Flower Night Market

In 2013, Tainan Flower Night Market was the third most checked-in location in Asia on Facebook. So, what makes it so special? You’ll have to read and find out. Explore …

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Guide to Dongdamen Night Market

Hualien City’s Dongdamen Night Market boasts a large number of stalls and serves as the city’s only night market. It’s actually one of few night markets on the country’s East …

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Guide to Fengjia Night Market

Considering visiting Central Taiwan? Explore Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市 or Féngjiǎ Yè Shì) in Taichung City. It’s a hotspot for young people and has more food than you can handle. …

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Guide to Ximending Night Market

street food vendors in ximending

You won’t find a Ximending Night Market if you type the name into a search engine. However, once it reaches 5 PM, various street food vendors will open their stalls. …

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