TPASS Transportation Card Guide

Explore the ease of travel in Taiwan with TPASS, the ultimate public transportation card. Learn its benefits and how to use it.

Taichung MRT Map & Guide

A sign for Daqing Station of the Taichung MRT.

Learn how to take the Taichung MRT. Find all the stations, nearby tourist attractions, and other important information.

Taipei MRT One Day Pass

taipei one day pass poster

Explore this guide to learn more about the Taipei Metro One Day pass. Learn whether it’s worth getting this type of pass.

How to Rent a Car in Taiwan

taiwan car rental

Learn how to rent a car in Taiwan. Throughout this guide, I’ll compare various car rental companies & documents you’ll need.

Taiwan’s 7-11 icash card

taiwan 7-11 icash 2.0 guide

Learn more about Taiwan’s icash 2.0 card. Throughout this guide, you’ll find the card’s benefits, where it’s supported, and how to add value.