Guide to Tainan Flower Night Market

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In 2013, Tainan Flower Night Market was the third most checked-in location in Asia on Facebook.

So, what makes it so special?

You’ll have to read and find out.

Explore this piece and learn about this night market’s history, general information, and food that you should try while you’re here.

Quick Facts

HoursThursday, Saturday, and Sunday 5 PM–12 AM
Number of StallsUnknown
Opening date1999
CityTainan City
This table shows information for Tainan Flower Night Market

Tainan Flower Market address: No. 533號, Section 3, Hai’an Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704

Night Market History and General Information #

The Tainan Flower Night Market, or Garden Night Market, came to life in 1999 and many consider it southern Taiwan’s most famous night market. Whereas, the most famous night market up north is Shilin, and in the middle, Fengjia.

They don’t have any famous restaurants that are Michelin-recommended. But, they offer plenty of food stalls.

If you want a night market that doesn’t just have food, you can play basketball shooting machines, balloon darts, or pinball. Otherwise, you can find handmade accessories you could pick up as souvenirs.

They aren’t open every day, so you can only visit this market on Thursdays and the weekends.

Foods You Should Try #

Dishes you should try while you’re here:

  • Eel noodles (鱔魚意麵)
  • Takoyaki (章魚燒)
  • Beef rolls (牛肉卷)

There aren’t any specific stalls that you should visit; therefore, look around for these items and try them the first chance you get.

How To Get To Tainan Flower Night Market #

If you’re coming from Tainan Train Station, take bus 0 to Tainan Flower Night market (台南花園夜市).

Otherwise, you could walk 27 minutes from the train station or hail a taxi.

If you’re staying in Tainan for a while and know how to ride a motorbike, I recommend renting one. Because other than buses and taxis, Tainan doesn’t have as many ways to get around compared to cities like Taipei and New Taipei.

Do Not Miss Tainan’s Garden Night Market

If you’re visiting or passing Tainan, you won’t want to miss exploring one of Taiwan’s younger night markets.

It offers plenty to do while providing local flavors that you won’t find anywhere else in the island country.

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