Taipei MRT Guide: How to Master Taipei’s Metro

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Explore this guide to find the Taipei MRT fare, rules, maps, and other information.

I’ve lived in New Taipei for more than 5 years and have used the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) hundreds of times. I want to share my experience, along with other information I aggregated.

When exploring this MRT Taipei guide, you’ll find the following:

Let’s ride.

Taipei MRT Map 2022

Here’s a map of the Taipei MRT:

These stations are throughout Taipei and New Taipei cities. I recommend downloading the mobile app Go! Taipei Metro.

It has the following perks that I use all the time:

  • Tells you fare between stations
  • Estimated time of arrival to each station
  • MRT station maps
  • Nearby tourist attractions: I don’t find this feature helpful
  • Live updates on incoming MRT carts

It’ll present the price and distance between stations when you’re offline. But you’ll need mobile data or Wi-Fi to see live updates for incoming trains.

Speaking of price.

Taipei Metro Fare

The lowest one-way ticket starts at NT$20 ($0.70). The highest is NT$65 ($2.28). In USD, Taipei Metro costs between $1.40–$4.70.

Or NT$40–NT$130

Since the gondola is under the Taipei Metro umbrella, I include the prices for it as well.

One-way adult—and senior and children—tickets fall under the following price points:

  • NT$70 (around $2.50) for one stop
  • NT$100 (around $3.60) for two stops
  • NT$120 (around $4.30) for three stops

But how do you pay?

How to Pay for the Taipei Metro

There are two options to pay to use the Taipei Metro:

  • Contactless cards: EasyCard, iPASS, icash, or Happy Cash
  • Single-use token: buy these at the metro stations

Purchase contactless cards from any convenience store, online, at the airport, and any Taipei Metro station. It costs NT$100 to get these cards, which doesn’t include the balance you add.

Or you can get one of the following metro passes:

PassPriceBest For
One-Day PassNT$150Many Trips Within 1 Day
24-Hour PassNT$180Best For Trips To Many Stations Within 24 Hours
48-Hour PassNT$280Best For Trips To Many Stations Within 48 Hours
72-Hour PassNT$380Best For Trips To Many Stations Within 72 Hours
Taipei Fun PassNT$180–NT$2,200Unlimited Bus/MRT Rides + Entry To Some Attractions
Monthly PassNT$1,280/mo.Unlimited Bus, MRT, & Danhai LRT rides
Taipei Metro passes compared.

Explore each pass and consider whether they’re worth getting. In most scenarios, you’re better off refilling your card as you progress through your day.

Because in many scenarios, you can’t predict how much you’ll spend on MRT rides. If you’re unpredictable like me.

Can you get cheaper rates with MRT rides?

Discounts on Taipei MRT Tickets

Only Taiwanese seniors can get discounts when using EasyCards. The way anyone else can save money is to buy the Taipei MRT monthly pass.

It’s NT$1,200 ($42.17) for unlimited metro and city bus rides. Only those living in Taiwan, or intending to take many trips to and from Tamsui will reap savings.


Those living in Taiwan will get a monthly rebate based on the number of trips you take.

Here are all the cashback rates based on your trips [1]:

Cumulative Trips (Previous Mo.)Cashback Percentage
11–20 Trips10%
21–30 Trips15%
31–40 Trips20%
41–50 Trips25%
51+ Trips30%
Taipei Metro cash back percentages for monthly rebates.

IC cardholders (e.g., EasyCard or icash) can receive this rebate. The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation will automatically feed the rebate into your card’s balance monthly.

Since you know how to pay and save money, learn when the MRT’s open.

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Taiwan Metro Operating Hours: Taipei MRT Schedule

The first trains leave their terminal stations at 6 AM. The last trains will leave their terminals at midnight.

The times the first and last trains depart from your station will vary. For instance, the last train for Dapinglin station when heading toward Songshan will depart at 12:11 AM [2].

On holidays like New Years, the stations stay open a lot later.

Taipei Metro Overview

Before proceeding, let’s cover additional facts:

Taipei Metro has 131 stations (excluding the Maokong Gondola).

Transfer stations—e.g., Dongmen and Daan—connect two lines within the same building. You have to walk a short distance to transfer stations like Xinpu Minsheng (Yellow) to its nearby station Xinpu (Blue).

The Taipei Metro Circular Line (Yellow) began construction on at least 18 additional stations and is estimated to be completed by 2029.

All subway carts are sparkling clean and punctual.

Everything inside the carts and throughout the MRT stations is labeled in English.

Let’s see some rules that help keep these trains clean and organized.

Taipei MRT Rules & Etiquette

The following are Taipei Metro etiquette tips to make you blend in and not come off as a dick:

  • Don’t take phone calls: if you need to take a call, speak quietly.
  • When taking an escalator (applicable to metro stations), stand on the right side
    • Otherwise, walk along the left side
  • Dark blue seats are priority seats for the disabled, elderly, and pregnant women.
  • Stand in a single-file line outside the gates that’ll lead to your carts
  • Once the train arrives, let everyone depart before you get on

What Can’t I Take into the Taipei MRT?

You can’t take explosives, firearms, electric scooters, or vehicles (unless you have a disability ID), more than six balloons per person, and carts into the Taipei MRT.

You’ll get fined if you smoke anywhere inside the Metro station and the train carts. You’ll also get a fine if you eat or drink past the yellow lines before the gates leading to the trains.

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Taipei Metro Tips to Navigate

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your journey in the Taipei MRT:

  • Fill your water bottles at the Metro stations: the water’s clean, & it’ll save you from having to buy bottled water
  • Buy an EasyCard: it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run
  • Carry hand sanitizer or wipes: metro station restrooms don’t usually have paper towel dispensers
  • Don’t bring your trash from home: you’ll get a fine

Even though pickpocketing isn’t common, I recommend wearing your backpack on your front. It’s also a way to prevent slamming people with your massive backpack when the cart’s crowded.

Taipei MRT Stations Near Tourist Hotspots

Throughout this section, you will learn about every existing line in the Taipei Metro system in addition to planned and confirmed routes.

Moreover, I’ll cover popular destinations you’ll find when taking these lines.

(B) Bannan: Blue Line

The Taipei MRT Bannan Line transits throughout Taipei and New Taipei cities and stops at a myriad of noteworthy stations like:

MRT StationAttraction
Taipei Main Station (Transfer R)Train And Bus Stations & Taipei City Mall
Banqiao (Transfer Station Y)New Taipei City Hall: Hosts Christmasland
Ximen (Transfer G)Ximending Shopping District
Zhongxiao DunhuaMany Shopping Centers
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial HallSun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Taipei City Hall (Transfer Station R)The City Hall & Xinyi Shopping Center
Nangang Exhibition Center (Transfer Station B)Nangang Exhibition Center
Popular stations on the Taipei MRT Blue Line.

The Taipei MRT Blue Line also has plenty of transfer stations to every other line and mode of transportation you’ll need to get around Taiwan.

The Taipei Metro Bannan Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 2–4 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 4–7 minutes
  • After 11 PM: every 12 minutes

The Banan line the following transfer stations:

  • Banqiao: transfers to the Circular Line
  • Xinpu > Xinpu Minsheng: transfers to the Circular Line
  • Ximen: transfers to Green
  • Taipei Main Station: transfers to Red & Airport MRT
  • Zhongxiao Xinsheng: transfers to Yellow
  • Zhongxiao Fuxing: transfers to Brown
  • Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Terminal): transfers to Brown

Let’s check out the Circular Line.

(Y) Circular: Yellow Line

The Taipei MRT Circular Line first phase has terminal stations at Dapinglin and New Taipei Industrial park. The government is adding more to the line so it creates a circle around Taipei and New Taipei cities.

Some noteworthy stations and attractions you’ll find while riding this line include:

MRT StationAttraction
Zhonghe and QiaoheCostco
Popular stations on the Taipei MRT Circular Line.

The Taipei Metro Circular Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 4–7 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 10 minutes

The Circular Line doesn’t have a connection to the Wenhu Line. The next phase of the circular line will add Shilin and Taipei Zoo stations to the Yellow Line, which will also add a Brown Line connection.

As of now, the second phase of the Circular Line is under construction.

(B) Wenhu: Brown Line

Taipei MRT’s Wenhu (Brown) Line is exclusive to Taipei City. It runs from Taipei Zoo station to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, which will also take you to the Blue Line.

Some noteworthy stations and tourist attractions you’ll find along this route include:

MRT StationAttraction
Taipei ZooTaipei City Zoo & Maokong Gondola
Songshan AirportTaipei Songshan Airport
Jiannan Rd.Miramar Entertainment Park, Jiantan Temple, & Meiti Wharf
Dahu ParkBihu Hiking Trail & Dahu Park
Popular stations on the Taipei MRT Brown Line.

The Taipei Metro Wenhu Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 2–4 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 4–7 minutes
  • After 11 PM: every 12 minutes

Once you depart from the Taipei Zoo terminal station, walk outside for a couple minutes to the Maokong Gondola. Ride it into the Maokong (or Wenshan) mountains.

Upon reaching the gondola’s last station, depart, sip a cup of tea from a traditional teahouse, and watch the view of Taipei City.

(O) Zhonghe-Xinlu-Huilong: Orange Line

If you’re heading north, once you reach Daqiaotou station, the routes will fork into two different routes. One will take you to Huilong, while the other will take you to Luzhou.

Some destinations you’ll find along the Taipei MRT Orange Line include:

MRT StationAttraction
Fu Jen UniversityCostco
Minquan W. Rd.Jing Fu Temple
Guting (Transfer Station G)National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei Grand Mosque, & Shida Night Market
Zhongxiao Xinsheng (Transfer Station B)Skytrend & Guanghua Digital Plaza Electronics Markets
Popular stations on the Taipei MRT Orange Line.

The Taipei Metro Zhonghe-Xinlu Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 2–4 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 4–7 minutes
  • After 11 PM: every 12 minutes

(R) Tamsui-Xinyi: Red Line

The Tamsui-Xinyi (Red) Line is the Taipei MRT’s longest line that’ll go from Xiangshan (Taipei City) to Tamsui (New Taipei City).

Various noteworthy destinations you’ll find along the Taipei Metro Red Line include:

MRT StationAttraction
XiangshanElephant Mountain
Taipei 101 World Trade CenterTaipei 101 & Xinyi Shopping Center
Daan ParkDaan Forest Park & Jian Guo Weekend Flower Market
Zhongshan (transfer G)Xiahai City God Temple
JiantanTaipei Children’s Amusement Park & Shilin Night Market
YuanshanTaipei Expo Park
TamsuiTamsui Old Street
Popular stations on the Taipei MRT Red Line.

The Taipei Metro Tamsui-Xinyi Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 2–4 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 4–7 minutes
  • After 11 PM: every 12 minutes

Xinbeitou Transfer: Light Red

To take the cart to Xinbeitou, transfer to Beitou station. Once you leave this station, you will be in Beitou Park, which will also take you to the Beitou Hot Springs area.

The Taipei Metro Xinbeitou Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 7–8 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 10–12 minutes
  • After 11 PM: every 12–15 minutes

Danhai LRT Transfer

To take the Danhai LRT from the MRT, you will want to depart from Hongshulin station, which is one station away from Tamsui.

This above-ground light rail rapid transit (LRT) will either take you to the Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf or Kanding, which is a giant shopping center in development.

(G) Songshan-Xindian: Green Line

The Taipei MRT Songshan-Xindian (Green) Line will take you through Taipei and New Taipei Cities. It’s a convenient line that’ll transfer you to anywhere you want to go.

Some popular destinations you’ll find along the Taipei MRT Green Line include:

MRT StationAttraction
XiaonanmenNational Immigration Agency (Taipei)
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (CKS)—transfer RCKS
XindianBitan Scenic Area
Taipower BuildingTaipei City Hakka Cultural & Guting Riverside Parks
BeimenTaipei City North Gate
Songjiang Nanjing (transfer O)Miniatures Museum of Taiwan
Taipei ArenaIKEA & Taipei Arena
SongshanXikou Wharf, Raohe Night market, & Rainbow Bridge
Popular stations on the Taipei MRT Green Line.

The Taipei Metro Songshan–Xindian Line will run:

  • Peak hours (7–9 AM and 5–7:30 PM): every 2–4 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: every 4–7 minutes
  • After 11 PM: every 12 minutes

At the northern terminal station, Songshan, use this station to transfer to the Taiwan Railway Association station.

Xiaobitan Transfer: Light Green

Transfer to Xiaobitan through Qizhang station, which is a couple stations away from Xindian. When leaving this station, you will find a massive shopping center that’s connected to an IKEA.

While visiting Taipei.

IKEA has NT$10 ($0.36) ice cream cones in addition to a massive menu and Costco. It’s interesting to explore.

The Taipei Metro Xiaobitan Line will run every 10–12 minutes.

Taoyuan Airport MRT

Transfer to the Taoyuan Airport MRT through New Taipei Industrial Park (Y), Beimen and Taipei Main Station (BL), and Sanchong (O) stations. The “Purple Line” will take you to Taoyuan International Airport terminals one and two.

If you keep going, depart from the Taoyuan HSR Station and either take the train or visit the massive outdoor Gloria Outlets shopping center.

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Taipei MRT Future Lines

Future approved and planned lines for the Taipei Metro include [3, 4]:

LineApproved/PlannedElevated/UndergroundMisc. Info.
Circular Line Ph. IIApprovedUndergroundNew Taipei Industrial Park–Jiannan Rd.Dapinglin–Taipei Zoo
Circular Line Ph. IIIPlannedUnknownJiannan Rd.–Taipei Zoo
Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Ph. IApproved50/50Connects CKS Station to the Orange Line (Huilong)
Red Line ExtensionApprovedUndergroundXianshang–Yucheng Park
Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Ph. IIApprovedElevatedFinishes Ph. 1
Minsheng-Xizhi LinePlanned50/50Shuangtian–Xizhi
Shezi, Shilin & Beitou Light Rail Transit Network PlannedLight Rail Transit (LRT)North–South Route & East–West Route
Planned and approved Taipei MRT stations.

Here’s a map of the planned metro stations:

And a map of the approved lines:

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FAQs: Taipei’s Rapid Transit Subway

Throughout this section, you’ll find commonly asked questions about Taipei’s subway system.

How Many MRT Lines Are There in Taipei?

The Taipei MRT has 6 lines. These exclude the Taoyuan MRT.

Wrapping Up

Taipei and New Taipei Cities have an affordable subway system that’ll take you to most important points throughout both cities.

It’s clean, punctual, and a bit crowded at times. But it’s my favorite way to get around.

Learn more about exploring Taiwan. Explore my other travel and expat guides.

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