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The purpose of this post is to condense commonly asked questions about living in and visiting Taiwan.

General Taiwan FAQs

Can I Use U.S. Dollars in Taiwan?

You can’t use US dollars in Taiwan.

Can I Drink Tap Water in Taiwan?

While you can drink tap water in Taiwan, many recommend boiling your water [1]. The advice is recommended due to water tanks in buildings potentially building up bacteria.

Is English Spoken in Taiwan?

At least 28% of Taiwanese speak some English [2]. You’ll likely find most Taiwanese English speakers in Taipei City.

What Is Taiwanese Stinky Tofu?

Taiwanese stinky tofu is tofu soaked in brine containing meat (or veggies) and fermented milk. Shops will serve stinky tofu as braised, steamed, barbecued, deep fried, or stewed.

FAQs for Tourists in Taiwan

Taiwan is a way more affordable country to visit than many of its caliber.

It’s somewhat difficult to find a kosher restaurant in Taiwan. If you’re in Taiwan and need kosher food, unfortunately, your best bet is to explore big chains like Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and other shops for hechsher products.

You will find at least one Halal restaurant in almost every city. In Taipei city, you’ll find the most options. To have the best luck in finding Halal food, seek out Indonesian. Buddhist, vegetarian, or other middle eastern restaurants.

It is illegal to vape in Taiwan. You aren’t allowed to bring them or e-liquids into the country [3]. Moreover, it is illegal to sell vape pens or heated tobacco products.

While Taiwan won’t prevent you from entering if you don’t have a specific vaccine. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommend receiving vaccines for rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid, and Hepatitis (A and B).

The most common food delivery apps in Taiwan are Uber Eats and Food Panda. You won’t find services like DoorDash or other apps you’re likely familiar with.

The best way to travel around Taiwan is by taking High-speed rail trains to different cities, then using their Metro systems. Taking an Uber will help you navigate the countryside and outlying islands.

To call a taxi in Taiwan, dial 55688 and ask for a cab in English. Also call the English-Speaking Drivers’ Association at 27997997.

Motorbikes, or scooter bikes, are the main transportation in Taiwan, accounting for 48.5% of the country’s transportation.

FAQs for Those Wanting to Move to Taiwan

Taiwan’s hottest month is July. Max temperatures throughout the country reach 92°F (33°C). Average temperatures sit at 82.5°F (29.7°C).

Mobile phone numbers in Taiwan will always start with ‘09.’ 8 additional digits will follow the ‘09.’
You’ll omit the “0” when calling a Taiwan number from outside of Taiwan (e.g. +886 977777778). Otherwise, when calling from inside Taiwan, always include the “0.”

More Taiwanese drive automatic cars than manual.

It’s not expensive to rent cars in Taiwan. If you choose an affordable service and rent on weekdays.

$1.00 in Taiwan can get you a few food items if you visit family-owned restaurants. It’ll also get you at least 3 small teas or coffees from convenience stores.

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