Guide to Taiwan Night Markets

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When many think of Taiwan, they think of a Taiwan night market.

That’s because these markets give you a glimpse into the country’s culture and a means to satisfy your hunger without spending a fortune at a restaurant.

So, you’re probably wondering what these night markets are and where they came from.

Keep reading and I’ll cover basic information about Taiwan night markets.

I’ll also list off most of the island nation’s street food markets and a general idea of where you can find them.

What Are Taiwan Night Markets?

A Taiwan night market, or 夜市 (yeshi), is a street market that operates between sunset and sunrise.

You will find these markets in either purpose-built venues, like Huaxi Night Market, or you’ll find food stalls and shops lining streets and occupying sidewalks.

These markets usually exist in suburban or urban areas throughout the country.

Taiwan has over 65 night markets as of now.

However, these markets tend to come and go depending on their demand.

These vendors mostly accept cash.

Sometimes they may accept alternative payment methods like LINE Pay or smart cards like Taiwan’s EasyCard.

Taiwan Night Market History: How Did It All Start?

Taiwan’s first night market, Shilin Night Market, popped up in 1899.

Most modern night markets didn’t debut until post-World War II.

Once they began emerging, vendors began hawking their food and wares to migrants who were rapidly building Taiwan during this period. They’d also sell inexpensive versions of banquet food to keep workers well-fed.

Around the 1960s’, Taiwan-made toys, garments, and other accessories began flooding these markets.

And as the 70s’ approached, manufacturers began shifting toward international markets, thus displacing these stores and bringing in handicrafts, Chinese medicine, and other shops.

By the time the ’80s hit, Taiwanese night markets had gift shops, high-quality garments, various vendors, and popular restaurants.

By then, it transitioned into becoming a popular culture.

What Can You Do at Night Markets in Taiwan?

stand where people are shooting balloons, tamsui, new taipei city, taiwan

For the most part, at Taiwanese night markets, you can buy xiaochi (fast food). In Mandarin Chinese, this translates to “small eats.”

Otherwise, you can buy specialty drinks like bubble tea or smoothies, explore clothing or souvenir shops, or play carnival-style games. Sometimes, you may find interesting vendors like the fortune-telling birds in Raohe Night Market.

If you see people lining up for a food stand, then that usually means the stand has really good food.

I recommend waiting in line if you have time.

Taiwan Night Markets Map

Central Taiwan Night Markets

Not much to say about central Taiwan.

So, I’m going to dive into the night markets in Miaoli, Yunlin, Changhua, Nantou, and counties in addition to Taichung City.

If you plan on visiting Taiwan’s Leofoo Village Theme Park and other attractions, save time and money. Get yourself an all-in-one ticket and experience central Taiwan’s wonders.

Night MarketCity
Jingcheng Night MarketChanghua
Lugang Night MarketChanghua
Caotun Night MarketNantou
Fengjia Night MarketTaichung
Donghai Daxue Night Market (Tunghai Villa)Taichung
Fengyuan Miaodong Night MarketTaichung
Zhonghua Night MarketTaichung
Yizhong Street Night MarketTaichung
Lufeng Night MarketTaichung
This table shows every night market in central Taiwan.

East Taiwan Night Markets

No city- or county-specific markets here.

Night MarketCity
Dongdamen Night MarketHualien
Dongqing Night MarketLanyu (offshore island)
Ziqiang Night MarketPermanently closed
This table shows every night market in eastern Taiwan.

North Taiwan Night Markets

Northern Taiwan is where you’ll find a majority of the population (and night markets).

Night MarketCity
Qingda (NTHU) Night MarketHsinchu
Chenghuang (City God) Temple Night MarketHsinchu
Zhongzhengtai Night MarketHsinchu
Linkou Night MarketNew Taipei
Luzhou Night MarketNew Taipei
Datong Night MarketNew Taipei
Nanya Night MarketNew Taipei
Shalun Night MarketNew Taipei
Lehua Night MarketNew Taipei
Ji Ying Miao Night MarketNew Taipei
Sanxia Night MarketNew Taipei
Tamsui Yingzhuan Night MarketPermanently closed
Xinzhuang Night MarketNew Taipei
Xingnan Night MarketNew Taipei
Sanzhi Night MarketNew Taipei
Sanhe Night MarketNew Taipei
Zhongyang Night MarketNew Taipei
Keelung Miaokou Night MarketKeelung
Nanjichang Night MarketTaipei
Ximending Night MarketTaipei
Shilin Night MarketTaipei
Raohe Street Night MarketTaipei
Linjiang Street Night MarketTaipei
Ningxia Night MarketTaipei
Dalong Night MarketTaipei
Gongguan Night MarketTaipei
Guangzhou Street Night MarketTaipei
Jingmei Night MarketTaipei
Liaoning Street Night MarketTaipei
Shida Night MarketTaipei
Shipai Night MarketTaipei
Shuang Cheng Street Night MarketTaipei
Tonghua Street Night marketTaipei
Yansan Night MarketTaipei
737 Night MarketTaipei
Huaxi Street Night MarketTaipei
Zhongli Sinming Night MarketTaoyuan
Zhongyuan (Chungyuan) Night MarketTaoyuan
Taoyuan Tourism Night MarketTaoyuan
Xingren Garden Night MarketTaoyuan
Toucheng Night MarketYilan
Luodong Night MarketYilan
Dongmen Night MarketYilan
This table shows every night market in northern Taiwan.

South Taiwan Night Markets

Other than Taiwan’s outlying islands—with the exception of Lanyu—here are the rest of Taiwan’s night markets.

Night MarketCity
Wenhua Road Night MarketChiayi
Chia-Le-Fu (Carrefour) Night MarketChiayi
Liuhe Night MarketKaohsiung
Kaisyuan Night MarketKaohsiung
Ruifeng Night MarketKaohsiung
Zhonghua Street Night MarketKaohsiung
Tainan Flower Night MarketTainan
Fuhua Night MarketTainan
Wusheng Night MarketTainan
Dadong (Ta-Tung) Night MarketTainan
Xiaobei Night MarketTainan
This table shows every night market in southern Taiwan.

Final Thoughts About Every Night Market in Taiwan

While I haven’t been to every night market in Taiwan, all of the ones that I’ve been to offer an amazing variety of food.

That’s why I highly recommend exploring all the markets you can during your stay in Taiwan.

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