Taiwan Receipt Lottery Winning Numbers: May & June ’23

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Taiwan Receipt Lottery Winning Numbers for May & June 2023

The winning Taiwan Uniform Invoice lottery numbers for May–June2023 are [1]:

Prize TypeWinning AmountWinning Numbers
Special PrizeNT$10 Million29268886
Grand Prize NT$2 Million12912565
First PrizeNT$200,00004667172, 12999667, 77607087
Second PrizeNT$40,000Match last 7 digits of first prize number
Third PrizeNT$10,000Match last 6 digits of first prize number
Fourth PrizeNT$4,000Match last 5 digits of first prize number
Fifth PrizeNT$1,000Match last 4 digits of first prize number
Sixth PrizeNT$200Match last 3 digits of first prize number
Taiwan receipt lottery winning numbers for year 112, month 5 and 5.

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