Guide To Traveling in Taiwan

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Follow this guide to find essential information for traveling to Taiwan.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for over 4 years and have traveled in and out of the country several times. I want to compile my experience, along with other information, to help you during your travels.

Throughout this Taiwan travel guide, I’ll cover the following points:

Read on to learn more.

Overview of Taiwan

The Republic of China, Taiwan (臺灣, Traditional Chinese, or 台灣, Simplified Chinese) was previously known as Formosa.

Over a brief period, this country underwent numerous extreme changes. On one side, you’ll encounter vibrant cityscapes filled with bright flashing lights and excitement at every turn.

Meanwhile, you can explore hiking paths that lead to breathtaking views.

Finally, if you want a time capsule, you’ll find plenty of it. Periods cover Austronesian Taiwanese, China, the Dutch Republic, Japan, Portugal, Taiwan, and World War 2 eras.

To learn more about the country’s culture, explore Taiwan’s TaiwanPlus platform (English).

What Is Taiwan Famous For?

The small island country is famous for many items, brands, and services you may have heard of:

  • It’s the birthplace of bubble tea (pearl milk tea)
  • Vegetarian-friendliness. Taiwan has the 3rd-highest rate of vegetarianism [1]
  • Low-cost and efficient health care
  • Betel nut beauties: they’re young women who sell betel nuts from enclosures while wearing revealing clothing
  • Home to various night markets—areas lined with street food stands
  • Brands such as ASUS, Acer, HTC, and MSI
  • Beef noodle soup

Taiwan Visas and Travel Restrictions

Here’s a list of countries that can enter Taiwan for up to 90 days without a visa:

CountryVisa-free Duration
USA90 days
Canada90 days
United Kingdom90 days
Australia90 days
New Zealand90 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines30 days
Cyprus90 days
Eswantini90 days
Andorra90 days
Austria90 days
Belgium90 days
Croatia90 days
Czech Republic90 days
Denmark90 days
Finland90 days
France90 days
Germany90 days
Hungary90 days
Iceland90 days
Ireland90 days
Latvia90 days
Liechtenstein90 days
Lithuania90 days
Malta90 days
Monaco90 days
Netherlands90 days
Norway90 days
Poland90 days
Portugal90 days
San Marino90 days
Slovakia90 days
Slovenia90 days
Sweden90 days
Switzerland90 days
The Vatican90 days
Romania90 days
Spain90 days
Italy90 days
Luxembourg90 days
North Macedonia90 days
Bulgaria90 days
Estonia90 days
Greece90 days
Guatemala90 days
Honduras90 days
Paraguay90 days
St. Kitts and Nevis30 days
Nauru30 days
Belize30 days
Japan90 days
Chile90 days
Nicaragua90 days
Israel90 days
South Korea90 days
Singapore30 days
Malaysia30 days
Dominican Republic30 days
Thailand14 days
The Philippines14 days
Brunei14 days

You’ll only need a passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date you enter Taiwan. For instance, if you have a flight scheduled to land in Taiwan on September 9th, 2022, your passport must have an expiration date past March 3rd, 2023.

When entering Taiwan without visa exemption, you’ll need to come in under one of these visas:

Visa TypeWho’s it For?
Student VisaMandarin-learning, degree program, exchange, or overseas Chinese students
Work VisaWorking for a company
Gold CardExtraordinary achievements, ability, or employment
Entrepreneur VisaStartups with incubators and businesses
Tourist VisaTourists and short-term business
Investment VisaThose who invest $200k into Taiwan’s economy
Family Reunification VisaAnyone who wants to join Taiwanese family members
Working Holiday VisaPeople from certain countries who will work in Taiwan for up to 1 year
Employment Seeking VisaSomeone looking for a job
Taiwan visas.

I have a guide that covers each visa more in-depth. I talk about their requirements, fees, and other relevant information.

Vaccines Required to Enter Taiwan

While Taiwan won’t ban you from entering if you don’t have a specific vaccine. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommend receiving the following vaccines:

  • Rabies: Taiwan doesn’t have wild dogs with rabies, but they have bats
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A and B

You do not need a COVID 19 vaccine to enter Taiwan.

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Is Traveling in Taiwan Safe?

Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists. Crime rates have remained low over the years.

However, you may encounter rare cases of pickpocketing in crowded tourist zones. Just keep an eye on your stuff, and don’t put belongings in your back pockets.

Is Taiwan Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Taiwan is safe for solo female travelers. Taiwan is also a safe country for women and, of course, LGBTQ+ travelers to visit.

Even though it’s safe, don’t get drunk alone, and make sure to exercise caution—the link leads to the 2020 Taiwan crime report—whenever roaming the streets alone in the middle of the night [2].

Languages Mostly Spoken in Taiwan

The most spoken languages in Taiwan are:

  • Taiwanese Mandarin
  • Taiwanese Hokkien (Taiwanese)
  • Taiwanese Hakka
  • Formosan Languages (indigenous language)
  • Matsu
  • English
A pie chart displaying percentage of spoken languages by household in Taiwan

Currency Is Used in Taiwan

The New Taiwan Dollar (TWD or NT$) is Taiwan’s official currency. Their currency uses a mix of paper banknotes and metal coins.

The general word for money in Mandarin Chinese is 元 (yuán).

Here’s a list of New Taiwan Dollar denominations you’ll find:

1/2 (rare)Coin
One (1/100)Coin
Five (1/20)Coin
10 (1/10)Coin
20 (1/5)Coin
50 (1/2)Coin
200 (uncommon)Banknote
2,000 (uncommon)Banknote
This table shows common New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) denominations.

Where Do You Exchange Currency in Taiwan?

You can exchange your country’s currency at the following locations in Taiwan:

  1. Airports
  2. ATMs
  3. Banks
  4. Friends
  5. Department stores
  6. Currency exchange kiosks

The following dives deeper into each currency-conversion method and what one triumphs the rest.

Compared to other airports, Taoyuan at least offers live exchange rates. However, they might charge you a transaction fee.

ATMs offer some of the best rates. Make sure that your bank will reimburse some or all of your fees. Going this route will also save you from having to wait at the bank. Furthermore, if you want to avoid a NT$100 fee, use Bank of Taiwan’s ATMs.

Banks. As of now, if you want to exchange your money without fees at the best rates, I recommend going to the Bank of Taiwan (government-owned). You can check this bank’s current exchange rate before withdrawing to ensure you get the best conversion rates.

If you have Taiwanese friends who need your currency, simply look up the going rate and trade your cash. It’s mutually beneficial. Be sure to stay up-to-date with peer-to-peer currency exchange laws.

Taiwan’s department stores offer currency exchange services as well. In addition, malls act as an excellent alternative to banks since they’re open longer.

Exchanging currency in Taiwan isn’t like other cities in Asia. The government strictly regulates it. Therefore, you can only exchange money at banks or authorized establishments.

Taiwan has 1 ATM per 826 residents [3].

That means they have the highest ATM density in the world. So don’t worry; you can’t go far without an ATM nearby if you need to exchange currency.

Formosa Fun fact: If you love crisp bills, withdraw money around the Lunar New Year. You will encounter a pleasant surprise.

Can I Use Cryptocurrency in Taiwan?

You can use cryptocurrency in Taiwan. The island country has no laws or regulations that prohibit purchasing, mining, or holding cryptocurrency.

The Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) does not label crypto as legitimate currencies.

Instead, the government labels them as virtual commodities.

As far as I’ve seen, Taiwanese vendors and shops don’t allow crypto as payment.

How to Differentiate Real & Fake New Taiwan Dollars

It’s rare to find fake banknotes in Taiwan. But you should know how to prevent yourself from accidentally giving one to a cashier.

Here’s how to identify real New Taiwan Dollar bills:

  • The lower left corner number should change colors when viewed at different angles
  • Put the bill against a light source:
    • You’ll see a number: e.g. the number “100” on a NT$100 bill
    • You should see a watermark that’s invisible otherwise: e.g. flower on the NT$100 bill

And here are visuals:

How to identify a real NT dollar bill.
Pay attention to the number’s color change in the lower left corner.

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Power Outlet Type Used in Taiwan

Taiwan’s power outlets run on 110V supply voltage and 60Hz.

The same as the United States uses.

If you come from Australia, Europe, or Southeast Asia, you should consider investing in and bringing a universal power adapter.

Best Month to Visit Taiwan

October is the best month to visit Taiwan. During this time, the average highs sit around 27°C (81°F), while the lows at 22°C (72°F). It’s a great time to visit for you who don’t mind the heat or want to visit Taiwan’s outlying islands.

It’s also great because the typhoon season’s over, so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you want to avoid holiday tourists, adhere to the following tip. Keep the date October 10th in mind because that’s Taiwan’s National Day. Otherwise, you will have dodged most of Taiwan’s holidays, school and college classes will have started.

Best of all, when flying in October, you’ll avoid flying during the peak summer season. You’ll also dodge the holiday season (November and December), giving you the best deal on your tickets.

I cover more details about what Taiwan would be like each month. That way, you can make the best decision possible

I recommend using Scott’s Cheap Flights to get notifications on flight deals.

Which Month Is Typhoon Season in Taiwan?

July through September is the time frame of Taiwan’s typhoon season.

If you travel to this island country during that time, come prepared with rain gear, proper footwear, and a cover for your backpack.

Airlines That Fly to Taiwan

Popular airlines that fly to Taiwan include:

Air CanadaAir ChinaAll Nippon AirwaysChina Eastern Airlines
EmiratesEVA AirlinesKorean AirKLM
Turkish AirlinesUnited Airlines
This table presents most airlines that will fly to Taiwan.

Don’t forget to see if you’re eligible for cashback rewards or airline mileage when browsing for flights. If you’ve built up enough points, you could fly for free.

Use a reward program management app like Awardwallet to keep track of all your memberships.

Getting a SIM Card in Taiwan

If you need a phone number, I recommend purchasing a SIM card in Taiwan if you’re staying for less than a month. You can either pre-order a SIM card from a vacation package website, or you can sign up for a provider once you arrive.

When signing up for a provider, keep in mind that you’ll need to give the vendor a copy of your passport. I recommend preparing this ahead of time. Use a Maps app to find these vendors or ask locals.

Taiwan has a few significant contenders who offer SIM cards:

  • ChungHwa Telecom: Taiwan’s largest cellular service that also provides the best speeds at affordable pricing.
  • Far Eastone
  • Taiwan Mobile

If you want to go for a budget SIM card, I recommend purchasing pre-paid cards from southeast Asian stores.

If you intend on staying in Taiwan for over a month, I highly recommend Google Fi. It’s a somewhat affordable cell phone plan that’s amazing for traveling. With the starter plan, you get 10GB of data.

If you’re a data hog, you’ll want the unlimited plan.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to activate Google Fi while you’re in the US. Otherwise, Google will deactivate your plan and make you have to work to get a refund.

Public and Portable Wi-Fi in Taiwan

If you’re in Taipei, you can register your passport and have free W-iFi throughout the city. The same applies to other parts of the country. You may also find free Wi-Fi in malls, convenience stores (if you’re a member), and other establishments like Starbucks.

While free Wi-Fi saves you the most money, it’s sketchy and leaves you vulnerable to cybercriminals.

That’s why you should consider pocket Wi-Fi.

Portable WiFi allows you to connect multiple devices instead of buying more than one SIM card with pocket WiFi. You can usually pick up these gadgets from the airport once you land.

What Should I Pack When Traveling in Taiwan?

Here’s what you should pack when traveling to Taiwan:

Backpack coverInsect repellentSunscreen
DeodorantReusable water bottleDummy phone & wallet
ClothingSaline nasal sprayPackable jacket
High-top bootsFemale hygiene productsSanitizing wipes
MedicationCondomsCopy of travel documents
Portable power bankPassport wallet/Purse/Day packEye drops
Unlocked smartphoneTravel adapterInternational Driving Permit
VPNPortable Wireless RouterLip balm
KF94 Face MaskDurable umbrella
Packing list for when visiting Taiwan.

What you need to pack for Taiwan depends on your itinerary.

If you plan to hike, I recommend hiking boots. I stress the importance of boots due to potentially poisonous snakes that slither through hiking paths.

The two most essential items I recommend packing are moisture-absorbing packets and vacuum bags.


Because Taiwan’s humidity will ruin your items otherwise.

I’ve lost a lot of items to humidity. Don’t let your stuff suffer the same fate.

You can buy what you need once you get to Taiwan. You’ll find most items at supermarkets or in traditional markets.

Luggage Storage in Taiwan

You can store your luggage in Taiwan by using the various lockers available throughout the country or mobile applications.

If you’re out and about and don’t want to carry any baggage, most train and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations offer affordable storage options. In addition, specific shopping centers like IKEA also provide lockers for you to store your luggage.

If you’d rather know what’s available ahead of time, consider using a service such as Lalalocker. You book online, drop off your luggage, and use a “reclaim ticket,” along with your identification to pick it up.

They also offer unique fridge storage along with long-term storage. In addition, Lalalocker gives NT$10,000 ($364) in compensation per bag if you find your luggage damaged or lost.

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Souvenirs to Buy in Taiwan

Here are some souvenirs you can get for yourself, relatives, friends, or anyone else:

  • Taiwan beer: it doesn’t taste the best, but it’s a fun souvenir
  • Alishan coffee beans
  • Pineapple cakes
  • Sun cakes
  • KaVaLan: award-winning whiskey from Taiwan
  • P.Seven tea-scented perfume

I have a number of souvenirs you can get in a separate guide. Check out my recommendations before you empty your wallets.

How Much Should I Budget for a Trip to Taiwan?

You should budget at least $500 on the lower end for a 7-day trip to Taiwan. However, that’s for if you want to save the most money possible. It’s extreme budgeting, but you can still enjoy your time in Taiwan while saving money.

A SIM card will only cost under $10 for 7-days of unlimited 4G data. If you want to live off WiFi instead, you can cut costs here. Don’t forget to explore Taiwan’s free public WiFi, iTaiwan.

Taking the non-HSR train to another city usually sits between $12.55–$28.40 per trip. If you’re riding the subway, it will likely cost over $9.00 a day. 

The total of what you spend depends on how much you want to take public transportation.

On average, meals usually cost between $1.40–$4.00 per person, whether you go to restaurants or night market stalls. Possibly a little over $5 a day if you’re frugal.

If you decide to eat at 7-11 for every meal, you’ll probably spend close to the same amount per meal (food and drink).

Speaking of food, coffee.

If you want to opt for a coffee chain, Taiwan-based Louisa Coffee’s prices average around $3.05 per cup. Are you staying for a while? Sign up for the Louisa membership program through LINE or Facebook Messenger to potentially save a little money. Also, if you bring a water bottle from home, you could probably knock off a couple of cents.

Otherwise, you can find cheap coffee at any convenience store if you just need a fix.

If you’re a smoker, cigarettes usually cost around $4 a pack. A lot of Taiwanese cigarettes come from Japan. Moreover, it’s rare, possibly impossible, to find brands like Camel and American Spirit. However, you will find plenty of Marlboro and Lucky Strike.

Honestly, you could experience a lot of Taiwan without having to pay for any attractions, minus the transportation costs. However, even the entry to Taiwanese attractions offers affordable pricing.

For instance, you’ll only pay $6.80 for admission to the Taipei 101 Observatory.

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Dos and Don’ts in Taiwan


  • Take off your shoes when entering someone’s home
  • Follow MRT etiquette
  • Learn a few Mandarin phrases


  • Mention death or the number four
  • Open a gift in front of the gifter
  • Leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl

Some cultural customs that you should keep in mind include:

  • Take your shoes off when entering someone’s home
  • Taiwanese shake hands when meeting someone new
  • Use both hands to hold a gift when presenting it to someone
  • Don’t lose face: never show anger in public; otherwise, people may view you as uncivilized
  • Tipping isn’t mandatory in Taiwan
  • If you refuse a gift, Taiwanese may insist on giving you said gift

You may want to consider learning a bit about Taiwan’s culture before visiting. Knowing this information will help you figure out Taiwanese etiquette, food, and more.

What To Do When Traveling in Taiwan

Your plane’s landed, you’re past immigration, and you’re free to roam the airport. Snag your SIM card or pocket WiFi from their counters.

Convert your currency.

Pick up your luggage.

Then head to one of Taiwan’s many 7-11s for a NT$10 ($0.36) egg bathed in tea.

Finally, go to your accommodation and unpack—or store your luggage—and explore.

Here are things to do throughout various cities in Taiwan:

CityPart of Taiwan
List of things to do in Taiwan by city.

And you can’t visit Taiwan without indulging in a Taiwanese night market. Here’s a list of markets spread throughout Taiwan:

Explore More Night Markets Throughout Taiwan

Central & Eastern Night Markets:

Southern Night Markets:

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How to Find Accommodation in Taiwan

Your best options for accommodation in Taiwan are hotels. Hostels for folks who want to budget or meet new people. In some scenarios, you’ll find homestays, which is when you stay with a host family. But they’re mostly accessible through schools.

Here’s an important note. Come July 2023, all hotels, campsites, and bed-and-breakfasts in Taiwan will charge for disposible items [4]. For instance, you’ll need to pay for the disposable toothbrushes and razors you usually get free in hotels.

I’d imagine these additional items will cost an arm and a leg. If you’re someone who doesn’t pack items you’ll usually get for free in hotels, you’ll need to change your packing habits.


Taiwan’s likely different from what you’re used to—in a good way. That’s why I’ve pulled a lot of commonly asked questions about this country to help clear any questions or concerns you’ll have when visiting.

Can I Drink Tap Water in Taiwan?

Tap water is technically safe to drink in Taiwan, but not recommended. Many locals suggest boiling your water [5]. The advice is recommended due to water tanks in buildings potentially building up bacteria.

What Religion Is Most Popular in Taiwan?

The most popular religion is Buddhism—including Tantric Buddhism—according to a study from 2005 [5]. Most Taiwanese aren’t religious; however, Taiwan does have freedom of religion.

Is Taiwan Expensive to Visit?

Taiwan is a way more affordable country to visit than many of its caliber. Even if you venture through Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, your money will still take you a long way.

Does Taiwan Have Kosher Restaurants?

If you’re in Taiwan and need kosher food, unfortunately, your best bet is to explore big chains like Starbucks, 7-11, and other shops for hechsher products.

What Do They Wear in Taiwan?

If you’re in the city, you’ll mostly see Taiwanese people dressed for work—suit, tie, dress shirt, skirts, and other business attire. Otherwise, people will dress for the weather.

Can I Use US Dollars in Taiwan?

You can’t use US dollars in Taiwan. Some duty-free shops may allow the use of US dollars.

Is It Easy To Find Halal Food in Taiwan?

While you won’t find Halal restaurants everywhere in Taiwan, you will find at least one Halal restaurant in almost every city. In Taipei City, you’ll find the most options.

Is It Easy To Get Around Taiwan With English?

While many people don’t speak English, if you have a translation app or a friend, you’ll have an easy time getting around Taiwan with only knowing English.

What Are the Most Used Food Delivery Apps in Taiwan?

The most common food delivery apps in Taiwan are Uber Eats and Food Panda. However, you won’t find services like DoorDash or other apps you’re likely familiar with.

Is It Legal to Vape in Taiwan?

It is illegal to vape in Taiwan [6]. You aren’t allowed to bring them or e-liquids into the country. Moreover, it is illegal to sell vape pens or heated tobacco products.

Resources and Tools for Traveling in Taiwan

The following are free and paid resources that’ll help you through Taiwan, prevent bad situations, and mitigate unpredictable scenarios:

ToolReason to Get
Surfshark VPNProtects your devices from hackers on unsecure Wi-Fi networks
World Nomads Travel InsuranceCoverage for baggage, trip cancellation, & medical expenses
STEP ProgramFree program for Americans to enroll in & receive important updates about Taiwan
icash, EasyCard, or iPassReduces the amount of cash you need to carry
Resources to help you in Taiwan

Useful phone numbers in Taiwan:

Phone NumberService
119Ambulance and fire
0800-024-111—press (2) for EnglishInternational Community Service Hotline (24 hours and toll-free)
113Children and women protection hotline
133Domestic violence hotline
1925Suicide hotline
This table shows a list of important phone numbers for traveling in Taiwan.

Best Mobile Applications When Traveling to Taiwan

The best mobile apps to use in Taiwan include:

AppDescriptionDownload links
Air VisualHelps you plan your day by understanding the air qualityiOS / Android
Bus+Bus schedules, public bike stations, and everything you need to get around TaiwaniOS / Android
Go! Taipei MetroIncludes useful features such as journey planners for both getting around in general or using public transport specificallyiOS / Android
LINE MessengerThe most popular messaging app in TaiwaniOS / Android
Pleco Chinese DictionaryExcellent Chinese language dictionaryiOS / Android
發票存摺Receipt lottery appiOS / Android
Google TranslateBest online/offline translation appNA
Google MapsGreat navigation appNA
Maps.meGoogle Maps alternative & great offline maps appNA
My EarthquakesKnow when an earthquake happensiOS / Android
List of apps to download while in Taiwan

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Best Taiwan Vacation Packages

Do you need suggestions on some fun activities that you can do while you’re in Taiwan? Explore these unique experiences.

Taipei Like a Local: Customized Private Tour – $30.77

Get to know the city through the eyes of a passionate local.
With no set itinerary, you can customize the tour or leave it up to the local for an insightful introduction to the city.

Make travel about the people you meet not just the places you see.

Half day rock climbing and rappelling experience just in Taipei city, Taiwan – $90.00

Re-Hai rock climbing site is just in Taipei city, the view up there is so great, you can see whole Xinbeitou area.

Hop on an MRT(Taipei metro), go to Xinbeitou station, enjoy this half day outing.

You will do, a short hiking / experience two rock climbing routes / one 18 meters high rappelling route, enjoy the view and a good day.

You can choose this tour to be in the morning or in the afternoon.

For the other half day, you can visit Xinbeitou Area (not included in this product), It’s famous for hot spring resorts / the thermal valley (a big pool of hot spring source) / A nice park with hot spring stream in it / Public hot spring pool / the hot spring museum / Beitou library. Worth to spend a half day.

Taiwan Traditional Delicacies Experience, Xiao Long Bao, Chicken vermicelli with mushroom and sesame oil, Tofu strips salad, Bubble milk tea. – $77.00

CookingFunTaiwan???? cuisines inherited Taiwanese mothers’ special cuisines, using vegetables and fruits that grow prosperously in Taiwan throughout all seasons go prepare delicious and healthy local delicacies.
We have cooking teachers speaking Japanese, English and Chinese to take you on a journey of making the memories of Taiwan’s delicacies for life. If you wish to savor Taiwan’s delicacies, stories and local human touch in order to make unforgettable memories for the journey, you are welcome to make a reservation for CookingFunTaiwan???? courses now.

Taipei Day Tour including Taipei 101, Din Tai Fung and Hot Spring Experience – $184.62

Discover the Zen of Taipei. We’ll start at the top, literally, with a high-altitude view of everything from the observatory of Taipei 101. You’ll have ample time to both learn about the building itself and take in the gorgeous views of your surroundings.

Afterward, we’ll head downstairs for a leisurely lunch at Michelin rated Din Tai Fung, where you’ll eat your fill of the restaurant’s world famous xiao long bao (soup dumplings).

After lunch, we’ll take you to the geothermic Beitou district, home to Taipei’s best Japanese style bath houses, first used as centers of entertainment and leisure by Japanese colonial officials then kamikaze pilots on the night before their final missions.

You’ll soak in the area’s healing waters for an hour before being brought back to your accommodation.

Please note that soaking in hot springs isn’t recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions or other serious medical conditions.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge – $39.18

Want to relax before flying from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport?

Then book your access to the quiet and elegant retreat of Airport Lounges, so you can unwind in peace before boarding your flight.

Sink into the plush seats, help yourself to the hot and cold buffets, take a refreshing shower, and wallow in the calm and civilized atmosphere before your flight call.

Plus, choose the length of access you want from the options available to suit your schedule.

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Thankfully Taiwan has made its country easily accessible for foreigners (for the most part).

So if you follow this Taiwan travel guide and other articles that I created around this subject, you will be fine.

If you have any questions about Taiwan, the following sources can provide additional information:

  • Taiwan Reddit
  • Forumosa: Taiwan-orientated community
  • A local Taiwanese representative office
  • Taiwanese locals

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