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Explore this list of items to pack when traveling to Taiwan in winter (December–February).

I’ve lived in Taiwan for over 5 winters now and have a good idea of what may help most travelers. I compiled a list of the most valuable items to pack when visiting this time of year.

Taiwan Packing List for Winter

Here’s a list of items you should bring to Taiwan when visiting between December and February:

Backpack coverInsect repellentSunscreen
DeodorantReusable water bottleDummy phone & wallet
ClothingSaline nasal sprayPackable jacket
High-top bootsFemale hygiene productsSanitizing wipes
MedicationCondomsCopy of travel documents
Portable power bankPassport wallet/Purse/Day packEye drops
Unlocked smartphoneTravel adapterInternational Driving Permit
VPNPortable Wireless RouterLip balm
KF94 Face MaskDurable umbrella
Taiwan packing list.

I have tested and frequently use all of these products except for the travel adapter and the backpack cover. I do have the travel adapter on my list of things to buy, though. I do thorough research on the products I recommend. As I always want to use the “best” of whatever I buy.

Let’s talk about my choices.

I don’t regret buying my backpack cover. It has helped prevent monsoons from soaking stuff in my backpack during day trips.

Though not as common in the winter, you may encounter mosquitos. As you likely know, these buggers carry a host of diseases. You’ll want insect repellent with 10–35% DEET [1].

No matter the time of year, wear sunscreen. Or wear light, long-sleeved clothing to protect your skin from the sun. Sunburns suck. But getting melanoma years later sucks worse.

Taiwan doesn’t have the widest selection of deodorant. If you’re stinky like me after walking for a couple minutes, you’ll need this in your bag. Taiwan also doesn’t have the widest variety of aluminum-free deodorant.

If that’s your thing, ensure you pack plenty of sticks.

I want to burn through these explanations quick:

  • Water bottle: refill these at metro stations & save money on water
  • Dummy phone & wallet: muggings seldom happen, but if it does, give these to the thief
  • Clothing: I’ll emphasize in the next section
  • Female hygiene products: I have no knowledge in this area
  • Sanitizing wipes: great for cleaning tables & seats when eating out
  • Condoms: always have protection on-hand

If you deal with allergies or other nasal problems, saline nasal sprays could help with congested sinuses and similar symptoms.

It’s difficult to find these in Taiwan.

I recommend buying and using Xlear saline nasal spray. It contains xylitol, so ensure you don’t let your dogs chew on the bottle. Because xylitol is toxic to dogs [2].

Here’s what Taoyuan International Airport’s website says about prescription medication (and non) [3]:

perscription medicine plane
Things you can bring on a plane.

You’ll need to talk to your doctor before leaving.

As a traveler, you’ll need to have your passport on you at all times. Unless you carry it in a backpack or purse, you’ll need somewhere to store it.

Don’t put it in your pocket. It’s uncomfortable.

Get a passport wallet and tuck it into your pants or shorts. It’s an excellent way to prevent anyone from pickpocketing your passport.

Unless you don’t intend to get a SIM card, you’ll need an unlocked phone. If you need help getting a mobile or data plan in Taiwan, check out these guides:

Taiwan uses Type A and B plug sockets. These run on 110v and 60 Hz. You’ll need a travel adapter if you’re from a country that doesn’t primarily use these sockets.

The International Driving Permit is mandatory if you want to rent a car or motorbike.

When packing, bring what you’re willing to lose. You’ve maybe heard the horror stories of airlines losing people’s luggage.

Let’s talk about what you should wear.

What Should I Wear in Taiwan in Winter?

What you’ll need to wear in Taiwan during winter depends on your sensitivity to the cold. Those acclimated to cold climates could get away with a tank top and shorts.

Others who aren’t familiar with the cold will want warm bottoms, a thermal, and a coat.

Taiwan’s average temperatures during winter is as follows:

  • December: 60.1°F–69.3°F or 15.6°C–20.7°C
  • January: 57°F–66.4°F or 13.9°C–19.1°C
  • February: 57.6°F–67.3°F or 14.2°C–19.6°C

The winter months are also supposedly Taiwan’s (in Taipei, at least) most humid months [4]. With relative humidity levels sitting around 78%.

Don’t rely on advice from strangers on the internet on what to wear during “X” season. Everyone has different conditions they can handle, so bloggers saying, “wear this,” won’t know what’ll keep you comfortable.

Contrary to my statement, I recommend carrying a pocketable jacket. The weather forecast may not call for rain while you’re exploring, but it can be wrong. You’ll want to prepare yourself for that rain.

So always carry a waterproof jacket.

Also, if you’re staying in a hostel, you’ll need to pack particular items like:

  • Flip Flops: helps prevent foot infections from public showers
  • Eye mask: prevents any glaring lights from waking you up
  • Ear plugs: prevent bunk mates from waking you up with their snoring

And if you care about my opinion on what to wear during various seasons in Taiwan, explore a separate guide I wrote.

I don’t see many Taiwanese people wearing sweatpants. It’s not something I recommend packing for public attire.

Here’s what NOT to pack.

Things To Leave at Home

Items to avoid bringing to Taiwan during the winter include:

UmbrellaFind these at any convenience store for NT$150
Laundry bagUse plastic bags for your laundry
TowelsConvenience stores have these for at least NT$150
Meat productsCustoms will fine you up to NT$1 million
Weed (CBD & THC)It’s illegal and can lead to prison time
List of items you shouldn’t bring to Taiwan.


Keep reading to find answers to commonly asked questions about packing for Taiwan winters.

How Cold Is Taiwan in Winter?

Winters in Taiwan range from 57°F–69.3°F (13.9°C–20.7°C).

Does It Snow in Taiwan?

It mainly snows in Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range.

Is There a Christmas Holiday in Taiwan?

Christmas Day isn’t a public holiday. However, many Taiwanese will decorate and have feasts with families to celebrate it.

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