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This is an overview of Taiwan’s TPASS public transportation pass.

I’ve been living in Taiwan for over 5 years and want to find the most efficient ways of navigating the country. Upon the release of the TPASS, I want to know whether it’s worth getting.

Get the Taiwan TPASS if you stay in Taiwan for at least a month and will be traveling throughout a specific region. Or, if you’re a long-term stayer in Taiwan and frequently take public transportation.

The TPASS is only worth getting if you frequently take public transportation. Mostly those who work and live in Taiwan will benefit from it. Tourists won’t.

Don’t rule out getting a TPASS, though.

If you’re a tourist, plan all your public transportation throughout each region and estimate its total cost. From there, see whether you’ll save more from getting the pass or paying as you go.


  • TPASS gives unlimited usage on certain public transportation in different areas in Taiwan.
  • There are 3 passes for each region: North, South, & Central.
  • Passes cost NT$299 through NT$1,200 per month (varies by area).
  • Buy a TPASS from MRT or TRA stations.

What is TPASS?

TPASS is a public transportation card that targets locals or long-term stayers that’ll give folks unlimited usage on the following public transportation methods:

  • Taiwan Railway Association (TRA): Local train
  • YouBike: Not actually unlimited
  • Intercity & city buses
  • Light rail transit (LRT): Above-ground transit
  • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): Subway
  • Certain ferries: Boats to outlying islands

This pass lasts for 30 days, after which, you must renew it. Each pass you purchase is only usable in the region you purchase it in.

The “T” in TPASS represents “Taiwan” and “Transport.” Why not call it TTPASS, then?

I digress. The Ministry of Transportation released the card on July 1, 2023. It supports 11 cities and counties where the most commute happens. They’re working on adding more areas to enhance the cards’ coverage.

Let’s compare the different regions.

Northern Taiwan TPASS

Purchasing a TPASS up North will give you access to unlimited transportation throughout Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, and Taoyuan.

The Northern TPASS costs NT$1,200 for 30 days of usage. And you can only add it to an EasyCard.

Here’s what the North TPASS will work with:

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)Taipei MRT & Taoyuan MRT.
Light Rail (LRT)Danhai & Ankeng light rails.
City BusAll city buses within supported areas.
YouBikeFree usage for 30 min. 60 free minutes in Taoyuan.
Intercity BusAll intercity buses within supported areas.
Taiwan Railway AssociationAll stations on the Yilan Line, Pingxi Line, Shen’ao Line, & Zhongguan Line.

Southern Taiwan TPASS

The Southern TPASS is usable throughout Pingtung County, Tainan City, and Kaohsiung City.

The Southern TPASS costs NT$299–999. Actual price varies by city you use the card in and whether you’re a resident.

And here’s where you can use the South TPASS card:

YouBikeFree for 30 minutes.
City BusAll city buses within supported areas.
TRAHoubi Station <-> Fangshan Station
LRTKaohsiung Light Rail (LRT)
FerryGushan <-> Cijin & Qianzhen <-> Zhongzhou
Intercity BusAll intercity buses within supported areas.
MRTKaohsiung MRT

Central Taiwan TPASS

The Central TPASS will work in Miaoli, Nantou, and Changhua counties along with Taichung City.

Pass prices will range from NT$299–999. They’ll vary based on residency status and whether you’re visiting a specific city.

Use the Central TPASS on the Love Gold Card (special icash 2.0), One Card, and EasyCard.

And here are its applications:

Intercity BusAll intercity buses within supported areas.
TRAMiaoli Qiding Station-Changhua Yuanquan Station section, Jiji Line stations
City BusAll city buses within supported areas.
YouBikeFree for 30 minutes.
MRTTaichung MRT

Taiwan TPASS pricing in different regions

Here’s the pricing for the TPASS throughout different areas:

RegionNotes (Important)Price (Lasts 30 Days)
Central (All)Taichung ResidentNon-resident of TaichungNT$699
Central (Within Taichung)Taichung ResidentNon-resident of TaichungNT$299NT$599
South (All)NANT$999
South (Within Tainan)w/ TRA access
w/o TRA access
South (Within Kaohsiung)NANT$399
South (Within Pingtung County)w/ TRA access
w/o TRA access
Taiwan TPASS prices compared.

It took 20 minutes for me to wrap my head around the pricing, but it does seem practical. Considering it’s for commuters and not tourists.

The North’s card may seem expensive, but it’s much cheaper than the previous model (NT$1,280), which had unlimited MRT and bus rides in only New Taipei and Taipei cities. Plus, with the TPASS, you get the TRA access.

You can purchase a TPASS outright or connect it to one of the following value-added cards:

  • Samsung Wallet Easy Card
  • Easy Card
  • icash 2.0 (Love Gold Card): Must buy a specific icash card for this [1]
  • One Card

To get the TPASS Easy Card, One Card, or icash 2.0, you must pay NT$100 for an empty card before paying one of the rates in the above table.

Where to Buy Taiwan TPASS

Here’s where you’ll find the TPASS:

Places to Buy
North TPASSMRT & TRA stations
Central TPASSTRA & MRT stations
South TPASSDistrict offices in Tainan City, MeNGo APP, Kaohsiung MRT station, TRA stations, & bus stations

You can only pay for a TPASS using cash. The stations won’t allow credit cards for purchasing it.

How to Add Money to a Taiwan TPASS

Refill your TPASS’ balance by visiting customer service counters or kiosks at metro, train, and bus stations.

How to use a TPASS

Upon activating the TPASS, touch your card against an IC card sensor at MRT stations, on buses, or in other public transportation stations. From there, the gate will open and let you in.

If you have trouble finding the gate, ask one of the security guards how to enter. If they don’t speak English, use a translation app.

FAQs: Taiwan TPASS

Keep reading to find frequently asked questions about Taiwan’s TPASS.

Can I Upgrade or Change my TPASS Plan?

You cannot upgrade or change your TPASS plan type. You must buy a new card or wait until your current plan expires.

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