31 Ways To Make Money Online

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Do you want extra money to treat yourself or someone special?

Thankfully, due to the internet, we have countless surfaced and hidden opportunities to make money without having to go outside.

Some methods are easy, while others require a particular skill. However, most things are possible if you put in enough time and execute the right strategy.

Throughout this list, you’ll learn about various ways to make money online. Moreover, you’ll learn background information on each medium, some example websites, and whether it’s worth your time.

Keep in mind that none of these sources are guaranteed income. Also, many are subject to change their business practices, sometimes for the worse. Therefore, some websites associated with these methods may have malicious intent.

1. Online Survey Sites

The easiest of the real ways to make money from home for free is by participating on legitimate survey sites. You go on a website, create an account, and if you’re eligible, you can take a quiz on a particular question. Afterward, the provider will reward you with a small payment.

However, when diving into making cash from online surveys, keep in mind that many of these websites are scams. Moreover, many of them will request personal information to determine whether you’re a good fit for their survey.

If you don’t want to face the risks, I recommend trying other money-making methods.

What Are Some Legitimate Online Survey Sites?

Some well-known websites where you can engage in online surveys include:

  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars (USA only)
  • Survey Junkie
  • MyPoints

2. Paid for Searching the Web

It’s exactly as described in the title. Websites or applications will pay you money or rewards to search for a specific keyword or phrase. Moreover, you can also make money if you switch from search engine providers. For instance, if you use Bing instead of Google, Microsoft will award you points for each search you perform.

Another way that you can go about profiting from web searches is using a website like Swagbucks. They have a built-in search engine where you have to make “X” amount of queries per day to get their currency, which you can later exchange for gift cards.

Unfortunately, the above methods are best if you don’t mind tiny rewards. The way to get the most money for Googling stuff is to become a search engine evaluator for crowdsourcing websites like Lionbridge and Appen. Keep in mind that it’s not likely that these websites will accept you.

But if you can get in, many have reported at least $15 an hour when working with Lionbridge.

3. Become a Freelancer

The best way to make money on the internet is to develop a skill and build a portfolio. Many will start their careers with—or stick to—working for agencies in a particular talent (i.e., SEO agency).

However, if you’re good at networking or know people who need your skills, you’re already set up for success.

To find clients, you can create an account with Fiverr and create gigs that’ll attract customers. Or, you can consider using freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer to seek clients needing work.

However, if you have a portfolio and don’t have any luck with the above sites, I recommend seeking out clients. Explore LinkedIn. Talk to local businesses. Create a website where you offer services and don’t undervalue your skills.

Many companies and clients will try to take advantage of you by paying you less than you deserve, so stay alert.

4. Teach Online

Are you good at teaching? Good, then you’ll do well with teaching online. Whether you’re tutoring or teaching for a specific website, both offer an excellent route toward a full-time income.

However, most websites will require certificates or degrees in the fields you want to teach.

If, for instance, you want to teach English yet don’t have a degree, you can teach on a website like italki. There, you can teach students around the world whatever languages you’re comfortable teaching. Moreover, you can set whatever schedule and rates you choose.

5. Publish an eBook

If you prefer teaching through writing, a great way to diversify your income is by publishing an eBook. You can write about whatever subject you’re knowledgeable in or even create coloring books. Afterward, you can post them online without having to go through a traditional publisher.

The most noteworthy places you can publish books online include:

  • Amazon (great for Kindle)
  • Smashwords
  • iBooks

When using any of these publishing platforms, pay attention to where you’re allowed to distribute your book. For instance, if you publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can’t publish your eBook anywhere else. Moreover, you can’t distribute it for free.

If you don’t want to deal with the limitations of KDP, you can still publish your book on Amazon, but you won’t get all the benefits of publishing only with Kindle. However, you’re able to experiment with other platforms and potentially reach more users.

Another thing that you’ll want to consider is International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

When publishing on Amazon, they use their own code, Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), and give it to you for free. You can’t use an ASIN on any other website, so if you want to publish elsewhere, you must buy an ISBN.

6. Start a Blog

Whether you want to educate the world on a topic you’re passionate about or wish to review particular items. A blog can be a great means to create a passive income. By passive income, I mean after and if your blog takes off.

Blogs offer plenty of monetization options; advertisements, sponsored posts, donations, affiliate links, and product sales.

However, before building a blog, you must understand how content marketing works and the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Otherwise, you’ll likely never see results.

I go further into becoming a travel blogger in this guide. While it may not be a niche you want to pursue, it’s a great starting point for any blogger.

7. Start a YouTube Channel

A great way to promote your blog and other mediums to make money online is to create a YouTube channel. With the rise of video content popularity, YouTube’s two billion active users give you plenty of opportunities to make money.

One, you can use YouTube as a means to funnel viewers to your blog, service, or eCommerce storefront and profit from that. Or, you can review products and cash in on affiliate links. Otherwise, you can make money from ads—after you meet YouTube’s criteria—and sponsors.

Suppose you want to diversify your video content onto other platforms. In that case, there are plenty of sites like YouTube where you can make money from membership fees, cryptocurrency, and donations, but that’s up to you to find.

I’d need to create a complete guide to navigate the depths of this topic.

8. Coaching

Have you mastered a particular craft? Are you good at commanding attention and teaching? Then consider coaching. In this field, you’ll develop a relationship with your client, spend less than in-person coaching, and give clients an opportunity for self-paced learning.

9. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) assists an individual in completing various administrative and recurring tasks. As an online VA, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to work remotely for an employer, freelance, or work for a website that provides virtual assistant gigs.

Here’s a list of some tasks virtual assistants are responsible for:

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Dealing with repetitive tasks
  • Email screening
  • Flight research
  • Event arrangements

10. Create an Online Course

If you run a blog or are an authoritative source in any way, consider creating an online course. You can build them on sites like Udemy, and it can serve as a means to educate a user on a particular topic and help them build upon a skill.

Depending on the pricing model you opt for, you could charge a one-time fee for a full course. Or, if you offer monthly updates, you can have users enroll in a subscription.

11. Sell Digital Products

Along similar lines to creating a digital course. However, with digital products, you have various options available. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can license your art to creators who want to create products. Or, if you’re going to get on Etsy but don’t want to hand-craft anything, you can create useful templates.

I no longer recommend using Etsy. They have raised their transaction fees to 30%. Therefore, after taxes, the time spent on your project, payment processing fees, and other costs, you’ll barely make anything.

12. Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

Crowdfunded real estate is when a pool of investors put money together toward helping investors raise money. After the investors purchase the real estate and profit, they’ll disperse dividends to their shareholders (you). Profits could come from renting the property or selling it.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend checking out Fundrise.

Keep in mind that taxes will eat a chunk of your profit, so choose your investments wisely.

13. Start a Podcast

If you’re already making video content, why do podcasting on the site also? While it doesn’t offer as many monetization options as YouTube, podcasting does expand your reach. Moreover, you could profit from sponsors, the traffic you drive to your traffic, or the money you get per listen.

14. Perform Microtasks

Crowd workers are an interesting way to make money. It’s legitimate. However, unless you put a lot of hours in and strategically choose what gigs to take, you won’t make much money. Usually, websites like Mturk or Clickworker allow clients to post microtasks, which don’t take long.

These tasks could range from identifying an object in video camera footage or answering a question.

Usually, these tasks pay as low as $.01 per hit or significantly more, depending on whether you’ve been on the clickworker platform for a while. If you choose microwork gigs, keep in mind that you’ll have to be within the US. Also, VPNs won’t save you here.

Moreover, when using Mturk, I recommend using a tool like MTurk suite to help you find gigs that pay more. Also, don’t forget to visit forums for these microtask platforms to stay on top of high-paying gigs and quality clients.

15. Sell Your Photography

If you have a thing for taking photos or have a load of extra photos sitting in storage, consider selling them on various stock photo websites. Then, all you have to do is submit your photo, enter relevant information to help buyers find it, and profit.

However, keep in mind that most stock websites will not allow you to use a smartphone for taking photography. It is possible to profit from smartphone photography, though.

Anyway, when taking photos, ensure that they don’t have people’s faces unless you have documented consent. Moreover, they don’t include any branding or other items that violate the stock photo website’s guidelines.

16. Open an Online Savings Account

Opening an online savings account is only good if you have a decent amount of money already. However, it’s still a means to generate money passively. Sometimes, banks like Chase offer a fair sum of free money if you open a checking account with them.

Moreover, if you’re into cryptocurrency and don’t want to deal with trading, you can get free altcoins from Coinbase by completing easy quizzes. After you get the coins, you can convert them into another altcoin that generates interest like United States Dollar Coin (USDC), Tezos, and more.

17. Find Out if You’re Owed Any Money

In rare instances, a government office or a business may owe you money you haven’t claimed yet. To determine whether you’re missing money, you’ll want to check on any of these sites:

  • Missing Money: checks bank accounts, insurance policies, and more
  • National Association of Unclaimed Property: search for unclaimed property by state
  • Department of Labor: searches for unpaid wages for up to three years
  • Unclaimed pensions: pensions from Former Employers
  • IRS: search for unclaimed tax refunds

18. Review Music for Money

You can use websites like Slicethepie to listen to music and provide options for a small sum of money. Not the most profitable venture, but if you love exploring new music and helping aspiring artists, you’ll love this gig.

19. Competitions

If you’re already a freelancer, consider joining competitions. Like any competition, you create whatever art meets the submission guidelines, submit, and wait. After a while, judges will determine whether you’ve won.

Keep in mind that most competitions require a fee to enter. Moreover, many of them are scams. So, research whatever competition you’re considering to ensure you’re not entering your property into a scam.

20. Buy and Sell Domain Names

In 2019, a smart investor sold Voice.com for $30 million. While you’re not likely to land on a jackpot like that, you can surely find money in reselling domain names. First, you’ll want to learn how to select a domain name that people will want to purchase later. Afterward, you’ll search for domain names for sale, expiring names, or entire websites that people are selling.

Finally, you post the website on platforms like Godaddy or Flippa and profit. It’s not as easy as that, though. To profit from domain name flipping, you’ll need to spend a lot of time and research to learn how it works and what a good domain name entails.

21. Create an Online Business

Creating an online business consists of using everything that you’ve learned from this list so far and turning it into a business. First, however, you’ll be responsible for your taxes, government legal requirements, and everything else.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll prefer working for yourself to working under an employer.

22. Start a Marketing Agency

An agency is a good example of an online business that you can start as a marketing agency. In a sense, it’s taking a freelance career and expanding it into a full-fledged business. For instance, if you were to create a writing agency, you can offer all-in-one service packages that include:

  • SEO keyword research
  • Content briefs
  • Article writing
  • SEO content optimization
  • Fact-checking
  • Research

You can use your packages as a means to convince businesses over to your cause instead of choosing freelancers.

Also, with an agency, you’ll hire several other employees to do the freelancing tasks you used to perform, hence the term agency.

23. Remote Jobs

If you prefer working under a somewhat stable schedule from your home, consider remote jobs. It’s like a regular job, but you can do it from anywhere. However, you will need to consider work hours. For instance, if you’re on the opposite side of the world and work for an American employer who requires 9–5 hours, you’ll have to account for that in your time management.

Some jobs allow you to choose whatever schedule you want, but keep in mind that you’ll encounter a lot of competition. So, you’ll need to find a clever way to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a post on various remote jobs that you can find.

24. Mine Cryptocurrency

Mining cryptocurrency is when sophisticated hardware solves complex algorithms and a cryptocurrency enters into circulation depending on what you’re farming. Crypto miners typically receive money when they complete “blocks” of transactions that are verified.

Moreover, miners can make money from solving a complex hashing puzzle first.

I don’t recommend this option due to its electricity requirements. Moreover, finding a graphics processing unit (GPU) to handle mining operations has become a lot harder. The difficulty comes from a significant price hike in GPUs.

25. Day Trade

You have a couple of options with day trading: cryptocurrency and stocks. However, instead of holding onto a stock or cryptocurrency, you buy the asset at a lower price and sell it whenever you see fit. Usually, you’ll perform multiple transactions per day.

When dealing with stocks, you can only day trade a certain number of times per day and certain days per week if you’re working with a particular amount. You will need to look into your country’s laws for further research.

Conversely, cryptocurrency doesn’t have such requirements. However, due to more governments banning their use, you may run into restrictions as well.

Daytrading can serve as a profitable vehicle if you know what you’re doing. But many may see it as a form of gambling.

26. Open a Dropshipping Shop

Dropshipping is when you (the store) wouldn’t keep any inventory. Instead, you list items from a dropshipping provider on your eCommerce storefront. When a customer purchases an item, you deal with the transaction, and the dropshipping provider then packs and ships the product.

With drop shipping, you won’t need a warehouse or much upfront capital to get started, but you’re at the mercy of the dropshipping provider. Unfortunately, that means you won’t have any control over the shipping or the item’s quality.

Keep in mind that dropshipping has become saturated over the years, but it’s not impossible.

27. Print-on-Demand

You can use a trustworthy Print on Demand platform to sell customized apparel and accessories if you’re an artist. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you have a piece of art that you want to see on shirts, bags, pajamas, or whatever. You can set up a shop on a platform like Printful to place your desired image on any item the provider offers. Afterward, you can integrate the platform with various eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and more to post your products for sale.

Moreover, the print-on-demand platform deals with printing and shipping instead of ordering shirts in bulk from a business. That way, you can start a low-cost business venture.

I recommended Printful because out of all of the print-on-demand platforms, they offer the best quality printing. However, you will have to pay more per shirt and therefore charge more.

28. Create an App

Have an idea that you want to transform into a web or mobile app? If you have any experience with user experience and coding, you’re in luck. Keep in mind that this is a costly endeavor. However, if you can get many downloads and your monetization methods in order, you’ll have a solid business.

Moreover, if you decide that you want to sell your app, you can use a website like Flippa to sell your old product. That way, you can focus on other business ideas.

29. Become a Streamer

If you’re a friendly person and don’t mind entertaining thousands of strangers for hours, streaming is for you.

You can stream yourself gaming, drawing, teaching, or doing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and possibly make money from doing it.

You can start streaming on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Or, you can stream using decentralized and lesser-known video platforms like DLive and DTube. If you have a fast enough internet connection, you can use multiplatform streaming software like Restream. It’ll allow you to stream on multiple platforms.

Once you build your audience, you have plenty of ways that you can monetize your content. Whether you want to sell products, create a subscription, live off ads and sponsors, or accept donations, streaming can be fruitful if you know what you’re doing.

There are a couple of routes you can take when streaming in terms of hardware. If you have a couple of laptops collecting dust, I recommend using that setup over anything else. That way, you can use streaming software on one device and do everything else on the other. That’s because streaming services like Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) can use a lot of CPU.

30. Invest in Stocks

Stocks are when you buy a share of a company. Either you believe in a company that you want to thrive or profit—either way, stocks are a great way to diversify the way you make money.

You can use various vehicles to profit from them. First, you can day trade or hold onto a stock until it becomes profitable. Or, you can purchase stocks from a company that offers dividends, which are small monthly payments based on the number of company shares you own.

I recommend researching how stocks work, fundamental and technical analysis, and determining whether it’s the right time to buy or sell.

31. Sell Your Gently Used Clothes

If you have extra clothing, or if you’re able to score discounted clothing from a market or secondhand store, you could create a clothing store. Moreover, if you want to go a step further, you could accept clothing donations and resell those clothes at a bit higher margin.

32. Test Websites and Apps

Many websites, web applications, and mobile apps struggle to provide users with a good user experience. That’s why you can find websites where you can perform user testing for a set amount.

For instance, you can make $10 going through a list of steps on a website when using Usertesting. Some of these tasks on a list include finding a specific page or hours of operation.

It’s a fantastic way to make money if these sites choose you for any gigs. However, you have to meet specific demographic requirements to qualify for a user test most of the time.

33. Peer-to-Peer Loans

Otherwise, “crowd” or “social” lending, peer-to-peer lending is when borrowers can directly borrow money from lenders. Afterward, the lenders can earn based on the website’s rates.

I recommend starting with Lending Club. However, you may want to consider expanding your options.

If you want to engage in cryptocurrency loaning, that’s possible as well. However, when loaning money to anyone, only lend what you’re willing to lose. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

While platforms do what they can to background check borrowers, there’s only so much they can do to ensure you get your money.

Making Money Online Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding online money. Moreover, you may have a lot of questions after reading my recommendations. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about making money online.

How Much Money Do Online Teachers Make?

The average online teacher makes $16 an hour. However, top earners have reported a $30 an hour wage. The amount you make online may depend on your qualifications, what subject you teach, and the platform you’re working alongside.

How Can I Make Real Money Online?

You can make real money online by a myriad of methods. First, however, you will want to ensure that the medium has a way to convert money into cash. For instance, if a website offers gift cards as currency, figure out if it’s possible to transfer those cards into real money.

Can I Make Money Translating Online?

You can make money translating online by either working for a trustworthy company or freelancing. You can also make money from translation by selling translated pieces or working for crowdsourcing companies like Lionbridge or Appen.

Can You Make Money Playing Online Blackjack?

You’re able to make money playing online blackjack, but not recommended. Blackjack is gambling, which may result in legal risks depending on where you live. Each country has different laws. Moreover, you’re only likely to make a liveable wage with online blackjack if you’re a professional.

Can You Make Money With Online Arbitrage?

Online arbitrage is one of the best vehicles to make money on the internet if you know what you’re doing. Whether you want to source products online to resell, engage in crypto arbitrage, or website flipping, all serve as great ways to profit.

How Can I Secretly Make Money Online?

There’s no secret way to make money unless you engage in illegal activities if you’re working online. Every website has ways to track your personal and financial information. Moreover, most governments have tools to track whether you’re doing anything bad online.

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Final Thoughts on Making Money Online From Home

There are various easy ways to make money online. However, as the internet evolves, some of these methods may suffer from saturation. Also, additional methods may appear in the future.

Don’t stop growing until you’re comfortable. Always find ways to fine-tune your craft or enhance your productivity. Then, if you have the right mindset, you can take one of these money-making mediums and possibly transform it into a means to a better life.

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