What Should I Wear in Taiwan?

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Dress to match the weather and make yourself comfortable in Taiwan. You’ll only need to adhere to a dress code during professional encounters and when visiting certain clubs, hotels, or restaurants. Otherwise, dress casually.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for more than 5 years and have been through every season. I’ve gathered my experience and other information to help you understand what to wear in Taiwan.

Avoid clothing that’ll expose your butt, belly, and breasts. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman.

Most girls (foreigners and Taiwanese) I see wear shirts that expose their belly and no one bats an eye.

It’s not required by law to wear a face mask in Taiwan unless you’re in an ambulance or the following healthcare facilities [1]:

  • Retirement homes
  • Veterans homes
  • When caring for elderly
  • Clinics & hospitals

You’ll see many locals wearing masks in various spots—whether indoors or outside—but you don’t have to. No one will criticize you if you don’t wear a mask.

Avoid heavy, non-breathable fabrics when dressing. Opt for easy-to-wash fabrics like light cotton, linen, or bamboo clothes. Be wary of wearing delicate fabrics and leather. As the country’s humid, rainy climate can damage them.

Select breathable, water-resistant footwear and avoid oversensitive materials like suede​.


  • Most Taiwanese won’t care about what you wear.
  • Always check if clubs, hotels, restaurants, or other places have dress codes.
  • I recommend wearing lightweight clothing to combat hot weather & humidity.
  • Taiwan borrows its fashion from places like Japan & South Korea.

Dress Code in Taiwan

Taiwan doesn’t have a universal dress code. Many businesses, such as hotels, nightclubs, or restaurants, will have dress codes.

Before visiting places, check their website for dress codes. You could also call or email their customer service and ask.

So long as you don’t expose your bellies, butts, and breasts, you’ll have no problems entering tourist hotspots. I have no experience trying to enter these places when exposing myself. However, these laws apply to betel nut girls [2].

Taiwanese people aren’t fragile, so if you’re wearing a skirt or a tank top, they won’t shun you.

I’ve seen many men (mostly old dudes) walk around shirtless and not get in trouble. However, that’s likely considered ‘uncultured.’ Unless you’re visiting a beach.

You’ll notice more people wearing professional attire if you’re in more upscale areas like the Xinyi Shopping District. Most of the time, this is work clothing.

During the Chinese New Year, red clothing is auspicious. Men should pack a red sweater, and women, a bright, but not overly revealing, red dress. Black and white are to be avoided, as they signify mourning.

I imagine they apply to all folks—tourists and locals alike.

Take off your shoes if you enter someone’s home.

No one wants your dirty shoes on their floors. Hosts will usually provide house slippers.

However, don’t take your shoes off in public. Many Taiwanese people spit chewed betel nut on the ground, and you don’t want to step in that.

Taiwan Dress Code for Women

I’m not a woman, but I’m basing the following information on my experience with my wife and what I’ve seen while wandering around different parts of Taiwan.

In Taiwan, a modern and progressive country, women’s dress codes echo those of Europe and North America. With one key difference: shoulder exposure is less common. Most Taiwanese women don t-shirts or light shawls over their shoulders, even if they wear a tank top.

I have seen a lot of tank tops with fully exposed shoulders, though.

Baring your shoulders won’t lead to confrontations or denial of entry into tourist spots, but expect some stares from older folks. This doesn’t mean it’s against the law, but it’s less frequently seen in local fashion.

Visiting temples or religious sites requires more consideration. Avoid short shorts and skirts; opt for knee-covering bottoms or just above. Many folks I’ve seen wear whatever they want. Refer to the word “consider.” 

Low-cut tops and stomach-revealing crop tops are not common in day-to-day Taiwanese style. Probably 1/50 women I see have crop tops.

Despite the guidelines, Taiwan maintains a relaxed dress code. You won’t offend locals with different clothing choices, but dressing like the locals will help you blend in.

Taiwan Business Dress Code

When dressing for business in Taiwan, men should wear a button-up shirt, slacks, a tie, and leather dress shoes [3]. I’d imagine you can get away with faux dress shoes.

The government recommends women choose from the following:

  • Slacks
  • Suits
  • Dresses
  • Skirts with leggings

Taiwan’s government last updated its “Dos and don’ts!” page in 2015. Fashion has likely changed since then.

Ask future coworkers or other staff at the company you’re working for what they recommend wearing.

What to Wear in Different Seasons

The following sections will cover what I recommend wearing during different seasons when in Taiwan.

What To Wear in Taiwan in Spring

You can wear shorts and a t-shirt in Taiwan during spring. I recommend packing a lightweight waterproof jacket or poncho if you feel nippy.

Sometimes Taiwan will have cooler weather during this time.

Plum rains will start battering Taiwan toward the middle of May. That means it’ll rain a lot. Bring waterproof clothing and ensure your shoes have decent traction.

Spring in Taiwan lasts from March to May, and temperatures range from 60.4 °F–84.6 °F (15.8 °C–29.2 °C).

What To Wear in Taiwan in Summer

From July to early October, you’ll want to wear shorts, skirts, sundresses, or t-shirts. And pack a lightweight rain jacket or parka.

You may also want to have waterproof shoes or boots with good traction.

During the summers, you’ll usually encounter 76.3 °F–93.7 °F (24.6 °C–34.3 °C) weather. These temperatures don’t account for humidity. But you’ll have a much higher chance of encountering typhoons from July to September.

It rains in Taiwan year-round, but you’ll want to prepare for the coming storms while surviving the scorching heat. If you have the funds, get lightweight yet waterproof clothing.

I recommend getting clothes from Uniqlo. They have an AIRism line that feels amazing in Taiwan’s humid weather. There’s one issue with AIRism clothing, though.

If you’re someone who tends to get sweaty and stinky easier, you’ll find your Uniqlo clothing coated in sweat quicker. But you’ll still feel better since it’s lightweight than other materials like wool and cotton.

Many Taiwanese will wear long-sleeve clothing to protect their skin from the sun. I tried the same, but felt like my body was on fire.

What To Wear in Taiwan in Fall

Wear a t-shirt and shorts (or pants) when it’s fall. Ensure you have a portable lightweight jacket on-hand in case it rains.

Temperatures in Taiwan during autumn will range from 66.7 °F–88 °F (19.3 °C–31.1 °C). You’ll need to prepare yourself for scorching temperatures and frigid days.

The weather’s not bad between September and November, so don’t stress about what to pack.

What To Wear in Taiwan in Winter

Anyone from colder countries can get away with shorts and a lightweight raincoat. Adventuring in the mountains will require heavy winter coats.

Depending on your cold sensitivity, you may want to consider merino wool socks, gloves, and a thermal sweatshirt.

Winter in Taiwan lasts from December to February. Temperatures during these times average 57 °F–69.3 °F (13.9 °C–20.7 °C). If you’re in the mountains during this time, you’ll experience much colder temperatures.

What to Wear in Taiwan by Month

Here’s what I recommend wearing in Taiwan depending on the month you’re here:

MonthWhat Men Should WearWhat Women Should Wear
JanuaryHeavy coats in mountains; otherwise, thermal sweatshirt & wool socksHeavy coats in mountains; otherwise, thermal sweatshirt & wool socks
FebruaryThermal sweatshirt & wool socksThermal sweatshirt & wool socks
MarchT-shirt & shortsT-shirt & shorts/skirt
AprilT-shirt & shortsT-shirt & shorts/skirt
MayT-shirt or tank top & shortsT-shirt or tank top & shorts or sun dress
JuneT-shirt or tank top & shortsT-shirt or tank top & shorts or sun dress
JulyT-shirt or tank top & shortsT-shirt or tank top & shorts or sun dress
AugustT-shirt & shortsT-shirt or tank top & shorts or sun dress
SeptemberT-shirt & shortsT-shirt or tank top & shorts or sun dress
OctoberT-shirt & shortsT-shirt & shorts/skirt
NovemberT-shirt or lightweight button-up shirt & pantsT-shirt & pants
DecemberSweatshirt & wool socksSweatshirt & wool socks
What to wear in Taiwan in different months.

What you’ll wear depends on your comfort levels. For instance, I’ll wear t-shirts (or tank tops) and basketball shorts no matter the time of year. Except when in the mountains during the winter. Then, I’ll wear a jacket, thermal pants, and merino wool socks.

I also recommend wearing different clothing when hiking—no matter the season. You’ll need sleeves and pants to avoid bug bites and possibly mitigate snake bikes. Supposedly, jeans denim may thwart some snakes’ venom [4].

Also wear boots when hiking. The higher top will lessen the likelihood of a snake’s bike from reaching your skin.

Why am I talking about snakes so much?

Taiwan has 6 poisonous snake species [5]. And I’ve encountered quite a few of these slithery buggers while hiking. Take precautions to protect yourself.

What Should English Teachers Wear in Taiwan?

T-shirts and shorts are fine with many cram schools. What you’ll actually wear depends on your school. Some schools require teachers to dress “professionally.”

I have a friend who has to wear button-down shirts and pants at his school. Other schools won’t care what you wear. You’ll likely dress casually like a local in that scenario.

If your school doesn’t tell you the dress code, wear lightweight attire—shorts and a shirt. Or ask your employer about the dress code beforehand.

Clothing Tips

All these sections will provide clothing tips to help you plan your packing list for Taiwan.

Taiwan Clothing Tips for Men

Embrace the humidity with breathable linen clothing. Long-sleeve linen shirts fend off the sun’s rays while keeping you cool. For versatility, pack classic linen shorts in neutral tones like navy or beige​.

Taiwan’s cooler months (December to March) warrant chinos for their flexibility and warmth. Lightweight sweaters and a travel jacket also become essential during this period​.

Taipei is a hub of Western fashion, so casual, lightweight layers are recommended. Mind your attire for temple visits and dinner outings, opting for more modest, dressier looks respectively​.

Water-resistant, breathable footwear is your friend in the humid, often rainy climate. Don’t rely on buying shoes in Taiwan if you’re above a size.

Don’t forget to pack light. A travel umbrella and sunscreen are must-haves. Check weather forecasts close to your departure to make necessary additions​.

Taiwan Clothing Tips for Women

Pack enough underwear; their large size might be small for you. Also, take your sunscreen and a travel umbrella—it’s a handy shield against rain and sun.

Shoes? Go for water-resistant and breathable ones to endure Taiwan’s humid weather. Walking shoes and stylish flats are the way to go for daytime; save heels for evenings.

And ladies, trousers are a must for temple visits. A versatile pashmina can add warmth, modesty, or glamor when needed. And don’t forget, accessories or a scarf can tame your hair against the humidity. Be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip to add any last-minute items.

Where to Buy Cheap Clothing in Taiwan

Snag great deals on everyday styles at NET, a Taiwanese brand. Visit Wu Fen Pu, a district packed with wholesale clothing shops for all your fashion needs. Fifty Percent, located in Ximending shopping district, offers trendy, affordable pieces.

Also, check out Starmimi, a fast fashion store with a unique variety and reasonable prices.

Lavender TW also provides a charming collection of dresses, scarves, and pullovers.

Taiwanese Fashion

Taiwanese (girls at least) borrow fashion styles from South Korea, Japan, and western countries. Mostly, guys will wear shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts.

Taiwan Packing Tips (From a Local)

Here’s a list of packing essentials I recommend when traveling to Taiwan:

Backpack coverInsect repellentSunscreen
DeodorantReusable water bottleDummy phone & wallet
ClothingSaline nasal sprayPackable jacket
High-top bootsFemale hygiene productsSanitizing wipes
MedicationCondomsCopy of travel documents
Portable power bankPassport wallet/Purse/Day packEye drops
Unlocked smartphoneTravel adapterInternational Driving Permit
VPNPortable Wireless RouterLip balm
KF94 Face MaskDurable umbrella
Taiwan packing list.

I have tested and frequently use all of these products except for the travel adapter and the backpack cover. I do have the travel adapter on my list of things to buy, though. I do thorough research on the products I recommend. As I always want to use the “best” of whatever I buy.

While you’re in Taiwan, I recommend buying the following:

  • Moisture absorbing packets: protect cameras, phones, and other electronics from humidity
  • Umbrella: you can get large umbrellas from convenience stores for NT$150 ($4.70)
  • EasyCard: it’s an integrated circuit card that’ll make life easier
  • Compostable wet wipes: cool yourself and wipe away excess sweat
  • Moisture-wicking clothing: get cheap clothing from Uniqlo

If you need anything else, find it at convenience stores, supermarkets, or hypermarkets. I recommend packing essentials to leave room in your bags for potential souvenirs.

Want to bring a laptop or camera?

Ensure your accommodation has an international power adapter. Otherwise, you’ll want to consider bringing your own.

Taiwan uses 110V supply voltage and 60Hz.

When packing prescription medication, ensure you’re allowed to bring it into Taiwan.

If you use Xlear for remedying allergies or sinus inflammation, I recommend bringing it to Taiwan through carry-on. Despite many people having allergies, saline sprays are hard to find. If you have a dog, get a different type of saline spray (that doesn’t have Xylitol).

Because Xylitol is toxic to dogs.

Regarding clothing, bring moisture-wicking fabric every month except November through February. Because those months are hot. Always carry a jacket or packable parka in case it rains. Also, find these at Uniqlo.

Most people wear flip-flops. You’ll find plenty of them throughout Taiwan that don’t cost much. So I don’t recommend filling your luggage with them.

FAQs for Clothing to Wear in Taiwan

Keep reading to find frequently asked questions about style in Taiwan.

Can I Wear Shorts in Taiwan?

There aren’t any issues with wearing any types of shorts in Taiwan. So long as they don’t expose your butt.

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