Guides for Travelers in Taiwan

Time Zone: UTC+8 (13 hours ahead of New York)

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (NT$ or TWD)

Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Formosan languages

Power Sockets: type A and B

Best Month to Visit: February–April

Capital City: Taipei City

International Dialing Code: +886

Important Phone Numbers

Traffic Direction: right side of the road

Taipei City

Explore everything you should know about Taiwan's capital city.

New Taipei City

Learn how to navigate Taiwan's most populated city.

Taichung City

Want to avoid Taipei? Consider this up-and-coming city.

Taiwanese Night Markets

Night markets are a core part of Taiwanese culture. Learn about the best ones throughout the country.

Taiwan Hot Springs: An Overview

tw hot springs

Explore this guide to learn what hot springs are in Taiwan, do’s & dont’s, and the best hot springs to visit during your stay.

Taiwan Travel Costs

taiwan receipt lottery

Find the average prices of traveling in Taiwan. Use these prices to help plan yout itinerary.

Taiwan Winter Packing List

tw winter packing list

Explore this list of items to pack when traveling to Taiwan in winter (December–February).

How to Rent a Car in Taiwan

taiwan car rental

Learn how to rent a car in Taiwan. Throughout this guide, I’ll compare various car rental companies & documents you’ll need.

Is Taiwan Safe to Visit?

taiwan safety

Learn whether Taiwan is a safe country to visit. Explore its safety rating in various categories & how to keep yourself safe.