Welcome Digital Nomads, Expats, and Travelers

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Hello there, I’m Tee the Nomad, founder of this blog.

Are you planning or currently overseas? If so, you’ll either need to learn to adapt and survive or view an additional perspective.

Over the past five years, I’ve traveled to several countries—and lived in a couple. Not only did this teach me to be greatful for everything that my country gave me, but it also taught me how to adapt in an ever-changing world.

You can do the same.

Whether you need to adopt with new cultural standards, technology, a change in lifestyle, or whatever, I can help you. Moreover, I can help you figure out ways to save money when possible by making adjustments to your lifestyle.

However, you’ll need to explore some of the many guides on this site.

How I Got to Where I am

While growing up in a small town in the west coast in the USA I didn’t have much exposure to the outside world.

While getting older, I moved around my state, but still have seen what else is out there.

Years later, and after a few retail positions, I had enough. A friend offered me an opportunity to travel to Vietnam and I took it. While enduring the horrors of flying and the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam, it made me realize that I’ve been stuck in a box my whole life. It made me realize there’s more out there.

Unfortunately, I had to go back to the states. Years later, I visited Japan, the Philippines, Canada, and and Macau. Afterward, I visited Taiwan and realized “this is where I wanna live”. So, I quit my restaurant job, packed my bags, and moved.

I had to adapt, but it was an interesting experience. To this day, I continue learning a new language, culture, and way of life while finding myself surrounded by friendly people. However, nothing’s perfect. As with anywhere else in the world, there’s difficulties that I encounter once in a while, which is why I created this blog. To help fellow expatriates, digital nomads, and travelers.

What You Can Learn from The Eager Nomad

If you’ve browsed this site before visiting the “About” section, you can see that I cover a lot of information regarding becoming a digital nomad.

However, that’s only a small part of what you’ll find.

The brilliant minds behind a lot of companies have given us tools we can use to make our lives easier. Whether it’s digital banking solutions, virtual debit cards, or whatever else. But most of us may have never heard of these tools.

That’s where I come in.

In addition to reviewing tools that can potentially make your life easier, I also provide the following guides and tips:

  • Destination guides on places where I’ve lived and visited
  • Proven tips to make your trips smoother and cost less
  • Ways to protect yourself abroad in-person and online
  • Creative ways to save money for more important things
  • Product recommendations to enhance your traveling or expatting experience

Enhance Your Journey