Welcome Digital Nomads, Expats, & Anyone Curious About Taiwan

person in taipei city, taiwan

I’m Theo. A U.S. expat who moved to Taiwan over 5 years ago.

Why Taiwan?

It has a much more interesting culture than back home, it’s safer, has more efficient public transportation, and a decent healthcare system.

Of course, it has its cons. But not enough to sway me from moving here.

Since I don’t have a degree, I can’t teach English, which pushed me to become a freelance writer, because it’s what I know how to do. And that turned me into a digital nomad.

Why did I make the Eager Nomad?

I wish I would have had more information to help me on the details on moving abroad. Whether dealing with loneliness, adapting to a new country, or understanding how to move everything from the States to Taiwan. I couldn’t find many resources where the authors had similar scenarios.

Since I live in Taiwan, I know a thing or two about moving, living, and traveling here. Hence, all my travel and expat guides.

You may not want to move to Taiwan. While I haven’t traveled everywhere on Earth, I provide many recommendations on alternatives to consider. Being a digital nomad, I’ve learned what’s important to consider when working remotely in another country (e.g., internet connectivity).

In addition to digital nomad location recommendations and Taiwan guides, I’ve experimented with various tools to make my life easier abroad. For instance, virtual mailboxes have enabled me have a U.S. mailing address and to forward mail.

I hope the information I provide will make transitioning abroad easier.

FAQs About the Eager Nomad & Theo

It’s a bit corny, but I chose Eager Nomad because I get very eager when it comes to traveling. And during my times of digital nomading, eagerness and adrenaline took the wheel regarding decisions.

I found a lot more friendly people, it’s convenient to get around, it’s safe, and I have access to many modern amenities (e.g., online shopping).

I’m not you, so I don’t know what’ll provide the best experience. You’ll need to sift through my destination recommendations and see whether you find anywhere that catches your eye.

I should visit home. But the next country I’d like to visit is Ireland. It’s beautiful.

I would have began writing this blog over 8 years ago. That way, I could provide information on Vietnam while I was there.