Taipei Fun Pass: Pricing & What You Can Do With Them

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Learn more about the Taipei Fun Pass. Figure out what they do to determine whether it’s worth getting.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for over 5 years and have traveled to many places. Meanwhile, I love to save money. I made this guide to help you determine whether the Taipei Fun Pass offers value.

The Taipei Fun Pass is a type of EasyCard (integrated circuit card) that provides benefits based on the pass type you buy. All Fun Pass types give you free entry into various popular attractions throughout Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung cities.

I’ll compare each card in a couple of sections.

An EasyCard is a smart card that serves as a cashless payment for various shops and services. I cover all its uses in a separate guide.

The Taipei Fun Pass works best for those who have the following plans during their Taiwan visit:

  • Stay in Taipei for 1–4 days
  • Wants to visit many Taipei tourist attractions
  • Intends on using the Taipei Metro A LOT

I’ll talk about use cases for each pass type later.


  • The Fun Pass lets you enter certain tourist attractions.
  • Some passes will give you unlimited MRT & bus rides.
  • They cost NT$350 to NT$1,900.
  • They’re best for tourists visiting many destinations in a short period.

How To Use the Taipei Fun Pass

If you’re using the Fun Pass to enter the Taipei MRT, city and tourist shuttle buses, or the Maokong Gondola, tap your card against the IC card sensor. You’ll see these at gates that block you from entering the platform areas.

To claim discounts or get into tourist attractions with the Fun Pass, present your card to the cashier.

Taipei Fun Passes Compared

Fontrip offers the following Taipei Fun Passes:

Taipei Fun Pass TypeCostUnlimited MRT & Bus RidesDoubles As EasycardNumber Of Attractions
Maokong GondolaNT$350YesNo0
Taipei Fun Pass types compared.

1. Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass: Best Overall Value

Any of the Unlimited passes saves you NT$970–NT$1,500 on admission fees you would have spent on these tourist attractions. Plus, you get unlimited MRT and bus rides.

Getting this could save you hundreds more New Taiwan Dollars.


You’ll only get value from all these plans if you visit enough of the tourist hotspots to equal the cost of your card. Plus, you’d have to shove as many tourist attraction visits into a few days. You’ll be exhausted.

If you stay in Taiwan longer than 4 days, you’ll want to consider getting an EasyCard. It’ll cost NT$100 (a deposit).

2. Taipei Fun Pass Classic: Best for Loose Itineraries

The Taipei Classic Fun Pass saves NT$50 on trips to the Taipei 101 Observatory and the National Palace Museum. It also gives you an EasyCard (NT$100 in savings) and discounts on various goods and services.

Again, I can’t find details on the services. Refer to the link from earlier and see whether there are any places you like.

The Classic Fun pass doesn’t have a strict duration. While it doesn’t offer entries into a million tourist attractions, it saves you money on 2 big tourist hotspots. And gives you more flexibility to explore Taiwan.

Get this pass if you’re not spending your Taiwan trip in Taipei, New Taipei, or Keelung. And if you’re visiting Taipei 101 or the National Palace Museum.

By the way, if you go to Taipei 101, visit the second-highest Starbucks on Earth. I have a guide that’ll tell you how to get in.

3. Taipei Transport Fun Pass: Best for Tourist Shuttle Bus Rides

The Explore Pass’ value comes from the unlimited free bus and tour bus rides. It works best for anyone who wants to take shuttle buses to beaches, along Taiwan’s northern coast, or to mountains.

Or if you want unlimited bus rides in Keelung City. Because the Taipei Metro isn’t in Keelung.

Don’t use this card strictly for Taipei’s MRT, though. You’re better off getting one of the other passes. I compare these in another piece.

4. Taipei Explore Pass: Best for 2–4-Day Taipei Trips

The Explore Pass serves as the best option for anyone who wants to visit any of the 23 supported tourist destinations. And to have an EasyCard.

It doesn’t have unlimited MRT or bus rides. To determine whether you’d want the Unlimited or Explore passes, check your itinerary. Then download the Go! Taipei Metro and check the fare between MRT stations you’ll ride to.

Taking the city bus?

You’ll pay NT$15 for a 1-segment, NT$30 for a 2-segment, and NT$45 for a 3-segment trip [3]. Shuttle bus prices have too many variables for me to give you an accurate pricing estimate.

Where To Get the Taipei Fun Pass

Tell an information counter representative at any Taipei Metro station you’d like to buy “X” Fun Pass. Or visit the EasyCard Service Center at the Taipei City Hall Bus Station.

The EasyCard Service Center’s address is as follows: No.6, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City (1F of Taipei City Hall Bus Station near MRT Exit)

Customer service at these places usually speaks English. If not, show them a picture of the pass you want. Then hand them cash that correlates with your card’s cost.

Don’t want to risk running into someone who doesn’t speak English?

Preorder your card online by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Translate the page by clicking ‘English’
  3. Click or tap ‘Taipei Fun Pass’ on the top menu
  4. Select the card you want
  5. Choose ‘Buy Now,’ create an account, & go through the transaction
  6. Pick up your card at a pickup counter

The pickup counter locations are as follows [1]:

Taipei Main Station Visitor Information CenterNo. 3 Beiping Road West, Taipei, Taiwan8:00 am–8:00 pm
Songshan Airport Visitor Information CenterNo.340-10, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City8:00 am–5:00 pm
MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station Visitor Information CenterB1F., No.20, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City10:00 am–7:00 pm
MRT A1 Taipei Main StationB1F., No. 8, Zhengzhou Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan8:00 am–8:00 pm
Where to pickup preordered Taipei Fun Passes.

I saw a couple Lion Travel agency listings on their website. But they’re temporarily out of service.

The above hours are inconvenient. Especially for anyone who lands later in the day. Plus, they require you to venture deep into Taipei. It’ll likely save you more time to get your cards from the MRT stations.

Check out places that accept these cards as entry tickets.

Where Can You Go With the Taipei Fun Pass?

The following sections will compare tourist attractions you can use each Fun Pass at. I’ll also talk about the admission price without the Taipei Fun Pass.

As I develop this blog, I’ll add reviews and guides to each attraction I list.

Fun Pass Attractions in New Taipei City

Tourist hotspots you can use the Taipei Fun Pass at in New Taipei City include:

AttractionsOriginal PriceUnlimitedClassicExploring
Tamsui Historical MuseumNT$80
Tamsui To Fisherman’s Wharf FerryNT$120
Fisherman’s Wharf To Tamsui FerryNT$120
Juming MuseumNT$350
Gold MuseumNT$80
Yehliu GeoparkNT$120
The Lin Family MansionNT$80
Sky Lantern Police StationNT$150
Lover’s TowerNT$220
Chi Po MusemNT$150
Shihsanhang Museum Of ArchaeologyNT$80
List of attractions in new Taipei City you can use the Taipei Fun Pass at.

Fun Pass Attractions in Taipei City

Use the Taipei Fun Pass to enter the following attractions in Taipei City:

AttractionsOriginal PriceUnlimitedClassicExploring
Taipei 101 ObservatoryNT$600
National Palace MuseumNT$350
Chiang Kai-Shek ResidenceNT$100
Taipei ZooNT$60
Maokong GondolaNT$240
Taipei Children’s Amusement ParkNT$200
Taipei Astronomical MuseumNT$40
National Taiwan Science Education CenterNT$100
Miniatures Museum of TaipeiNT$200
Taipei Fine Arts MuseumNT$30
Beitou MuseumNT$120
Museum of Contemporary Arts TaipeiNT$50
Miramar Ferris WheelNT$200
List of attractions in Taipei City you can use the Taipei Fun Pass at.

Fun Pass Attractions in Keelung City

Keelung allows you to use the Taipei Fun Pass to enter the following places.

AttractionsOriginal PriceUnlimitedClassicExploring
Heping Island ParkNT$80
National Museum of Marine Science & TechnologyNT$200
List of attractions in Keelung city you can use the Taipei Fun Pass at.

Other Discounts You Get With the Taipei Fun Pass

The Taipei Fun Pass supposedly offers discounts for various restaurants, services, and parks. But I couldn’t find additional information.

Visit, and you’ll find a list of stores they offer discounts for. But there’s no information about each offer. Thus, I’m suspicious whether there are discounts at the moment.

I’ll keep an eye on this page and check in with some vendors.

Taipei Fun Pass Prices

Taipei Fun Pass prices are as follows:

Taipei Fun Pass Type1-Day Price2-Day Price3-Day Price4-Day Price5-Day Price
Maokong GondolaNT$350NANANANA
Taipei Fun Pass prices compared.

If you look at their website, you’ll likely see crossed out pricing like this:

7pzHLLoRdKArZyAsZ o7AZaCl0zAJTTK0bCwCjdKI7IBpNYMLRuyJJcbmmuxIMQZBLe87M4GbJcGMyoQ9vdnOFsufnuzAUSXVBV 8tYaulfll7uIbUL3kcPZUdoIfJhWvbYx23ZIfXTpkb8wCbQPvMIUW3OZrkYSDl4kBNMQJS9X

Notice how the original price for all 3 Exploring passes are the same?

It also says “Hot Sale” as one of the tags on their product pages:

eyBNqGGyQg7TTva81oPEZ C1Pj66mqBmv2JFwg2HqDaPEzMt4xv GiktLgmH2OeSbZuKc 9Va5vkoOs Uz37rcZO5LYkd OK

It’s safe to assume these are the permanent prices. I went to the web archives and pulled up their product pages from January 2021.

Same prices [2].

Taipei Fun Pass vs. Taipei EasyCard

The Exploring and Classic Fun Passes double as EasyCards (Yo Yo cards). There are no differences in this case.

The Maokong Gondola 1 Day, Unlimited, and Transportation passes aren’t usable as EasyCards. The Yo Yo card is usable as a payment method for everything these passes offer, but don’t offer discounts.

Consider one of the MRT passes if you intend on only taking the Taipei MRT during your stay. I compare them in my Taipei Metro guide. The transportation Fun Pass offers free bus and shuttle bus rides. Whereas the EasyCard doesn’t.

The Unlimited card also gives you full-price tickets to more than 20 tourist attractions in Taipei.

Get the Unlimited card if you’re visiting many destinations in Taipei.

Buy an EasyCard for cashless transactions, paying for parking, and enhanced overall convenience in Taiwan. Or if you’re traveling outside Taipei.

Only choose the Maokong Gondola card if you hang around Maokong Mountain and Taipei Zoo all day.

And pick the Transportation pass for unlimited shuttle bus and city bus rides.

FAQs: Taipei Fun Pass

The following sections will cover frequently asked questions about the Taipei Fun Pass.

Can I Get a Refund on the Taipei Fun Pass?

You cannot return the Taipei Fun Pass if you used it [4]. If you have not used it, email [email protected] with the subject “Taipei Fun Pass Refund Application of Taipei Fun Pass.” From there, will out the application and pay a 10% processing fee.

How Do I Contact Taipei Fun Pass’ Customer Service?

Contact Fun Pass Taipei’s (Fontrip) customer service by emailing [email protected]. Or call 03-5910052.

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