13 Airbnb Alternatives and Why They’re Better

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Read this guide to find alternative platforms to Airbnb.

I’ve gotten a bit tired of using Airbnb due to the excessive fees nowadays. If you feel the same, or want more options, I can help. I’ve gathered a bunch of similar websites to Airbnb.

Airbnb Alternatives: The Best Sites Like Airbnb in 2022

Here are a lot of Airbnb alternatives that’ll help you find the best deal during your next trip. 

If you’re worried that these alternatives won’t have features that Airbnb offers with its app, don’t. 

Many of these websites also provide accommodation booking mobile applications.

1. Vacation Rentals by Owner (Vrbo)

Vacation Rentals By Owner (Vrbo) doesn’t have as much flexibility as Airbnb.

But, as stated in the name, if you’re searching for vacation rentals, Vrbo’s an excellent Airbnb alternative for you.

Condos, cabins, cottages—you’ll find them at affordable rates (quality varies).

If you’re someone who’s a stickler for user experience and interface, you’ll be pretty happy with what you find.

Where Vrbo comes out on top is the Map area on the listing page. It offers a detailed map that displays nearby attractions, which helps plan your itinerary.

screenshot of one of many airbnb alternatives vrbo's website
VRBO screenshot.

While common with many secondary home rental websites, the map adjacent to the location results makes navigation quick and simple.

Vrbo charges a service fee, and many properties charge a cleaning fee. If there are damages, you could have to pay up to $100.

Like Airbnb, the search area has a map that you can select properties in a particular area. Once you choose your property, you’ll land on a listing page that shows the amenities, reviews, calendar, rules, and other information.

screenshot of vrbo's website
VRBO screenshot.

If you’re worried about booking with them, Vrbo offers a Book With Confidence Guarantee.

The guarantee protects your payments in the event of fraud and helps you if the property owner is unresponsive.

If you’re someone who prefers to pay later, Vrbo has also teamed up with Affirm to offer monthly payments.

Vrbo mobile app: Android | iOS

2. The Plum Guide

Fantastic for luxury vacation rentals.

Are you worried about mismanaged properties or unresponsive owners?

Unlike some Airbnb alternatives, that won’t happen with The Plum Guide.

Each listing has to endure a rigorous vetting process. It features four stages and 150 measurable criteria that includes areas like:

  • WiFi speed
  • Decibel levels of rooms
  • Space sociability
  • Design aesthetic
  • And way more

The Plum Guide continues to monitor the home’s quality even after receiving their mark of approval. But with Plum Guide’s stellar quality, you will find that their pricing isn’t meant for lower budgets.

If you still plan on booking with The Plum Guide, they have a property description page that lists whether the property passed 4/4 of the stages and received an award.

screenshot of plum guide's website
Plum Guide screenshot.

Plum Guide properties also list Home Highlights, which mentions activities you can do around the property.

screenshot of plum guide's website
Plum Guide screenshot.

Overall, if you have the extra budget, I highly recommend The Plum Guide.

They have an excellent website and properties that are bound to make your next trip memorable.

The Plum Guide doesn’t have a mobile application. So it’s not the best out of the list of Airbnb alternatives if you need an app.

3. Booking.com

A tool to add to your existing accommodation-finding tools.

Did you think Booking.com only aggregated hotels?

Well, they don’t.

Booking also offers apartments, cabins, B&Bs, and more affordable options around the world.

While Booking doesn’t have more features than Airbnb, they give you more information on the surrounding area. For instance, what’s nearby and the best local attractions.

screenshot of booking's website
Booking.com screenshot.

The user interface is clunky; however, how Booking visualized its house rules is easier on the eyes.

screenshot of booking's website
Booking.com screenshot.

I don’t have a sales pitch for Booking.com.

However, they offer options to search for more than hotels, which is an excellent means to find potentially more affordable and better accommodation.

Booking.com mobile app: Android | iOS

4. SabbaticalHomes

An excellent choice for you who need rentals around universities. I haven’t seen any Airbnb alternatives that focus on this area.

screenshot of sabbatticalhome's website
SabbaticalHomes screenshot.

Instead of searching for short-term rentals, SabbaticalHomes also offers home exchange and tenant listings to give you more options for finding the best accommodation around.

A lot of these listings are off-campus housing and sublets that offer daily and monthly stays.

SabbaticalHomes doesn’t have any mobile apps.

5. FlipKey (TripAdvisor)

Great for smaller groups booking accommodation.

screenshot of flipkey's website
FlipKey screenshot.

Suppose you’re looking for the data that TripAdvisor (FlipKey’s parent company) offers and a website with a better user experience.

In that case, you’ll find yourself having a pleasant time exploring FlipKey’s vacation homes.

FlipKey doesn’t have a load of features that makes it unique.

Instead, it’s one of the best Airbnb alternatives that you can add to your arsenal of websites to find the best deal.

FlipKey also doesn’t have a mobile app.

6. Hipcamp: Glamping

Excellent for you who love glamping.

Would you rather watch the glistening night stars than an apartment ceiling?

Then, consider glamping—camping in style.

It offers a marketplace for campgrounds, beach stays, RV parks.

Like Airbnb, you select where you want to stay, explore the listing’s details, and book.

screenshot of hipcamp's website
Hipcamp screenshot.

Moreover, Hipcamp has teamed up with the National Weather Service, Recreate Responsibly, and Leave No Trace to ensure that the environment doesn’t suffer, and campers can have a fantastic experience.

screenshot of hipcamp's website
Hipcamp screenshot.

If you’re picky about a website’s user interface, you’ll love Hipcamp’s website. Everything’s easy to find, and instructions on how to navigate through the site are clear.

Hipcamp mobile app: Android | iOS

7. Homestay: Live With Locals

One of the best Airbnb alternatives for you who want to live like locals.

screenshot of homestay's website
Homestay screenshot.

With over 33000 homestays in over 175 countries, Homestay gives travelers a means to save money on accommodation and create genuine connections with locals.

Many of these hosts offer their generosity by cooking meals and introducing you to stuff within their area.

Because of this, you’ll have everything you need to explore an area, learn a new culture, and potentially a new language.

Homestay mobile app: Android

8. Agoda Homes

Flights, homes, 30-day stays, hotels, affordable apartments, and more.

Not the best; however, it’s a great site to add to your list of Airbnb alternatives.

As mentioned, Agoda is an all-in-one platform that’ll allow you to transfer the benefits you already get from enrolling in Agoda’s VIP membership.

Agoda ensures their listings are easy on your eyes by not clumping all the property’s details together and making information visual when possible.

screenshot of agoda's website
Agoda screenshot.

They also include interesting tidbits such as distance to the nearest public transportation and other landmarks.

screenshot of agoda's website
Agoda screenshot.

Agoda mobile application for Android and iOS.

9. TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals

One of the world’s largest and most trustworthy travel communities with years of data to help find better accommodation.

If you’re already integrated into TripAdvisor’s ecosystem and don’t know that they offer rentals, they have over 800000 properties throughout 200 countries waiting for you to rent.

If you want to make a little extra income, you can list your vacation rental on TripAdvisor and significantly expand your reach.

screenshot of one of the many Airbnb alternatives, tripadvisor
Tripadvisor screenshot.

While TripAdvisor doesn’t have the best user experience or interface, all the data (reviews) throughout their site will give you the best chance to make an informed purchase.

TripAdvisor mobile apps: Android | iOS

10. onefinestay: Luxury Accommodation

For you who want to stay in inspected and luxurious accommodation.

Onefinestay doesn’t have the most incredible filter selection or user interface; however, if you’re looking for luxury apartments and hotels, I recommend giving onefinestay a try.

While they have bad ratings, onefinestay does offer an Android and iOS app.

11. Sonder

You’ll feel like you’re staying in a luxury hotel.

screenshot of sonder's website
Sonder screenshot.

While Sonder’s like many of the Airbnb alternatives on this list, it’s still a good tool to use. You may encounter a good deal.

With over 4500 current listings, Sonder also has listings in over 30 cities spread throughout eight countries.

Unfortunately, their accommodation doesn’t appeal to bargain hunters.

Their rooms create an exquisite atmosphere for you who love to travel in style and are in need of Airbnb alternatives.

Unlike Airbnb, with Sonder, they’ll guarantee you services and amenities usually offered in hotels. Also, they offer long- and short-term accommodation.

Sonder currently offers an app in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

12. TrustedHouseSitters: House Sitting Platform

Ideal for travelers who want to save money in exchange for pet- and house sitting.

While many of these Airbnb alternatives cost a lot of money, this one doesn’t.

If you want to save a lot of money per year, consider house sitting.

It’s where you exchange watching someone’s home, plants, and pets in exchange for accommodation.

Please note that you’ll need to love pets and be responsible for whatever happens to the owner’s home during your stay.

Out of all the house sitting websites, I highly recommend TrustedHouseSitters.

It’s the biggest and most trustworthy house sitting site at the moment.

If you want your Sitter profile to stand out from the rest of the sitters, you’ll want to consider getting verified to improve your chances of landing a sitting gig.

When going this route, you pay an annual fee. However, while it may seem like a lot, you do get unlimited house sits around the world, which will save you an extraordinary amount of money.

screenshot of trusted house sitter's website
Trusted Housesitters screenshot.

They also have three plans to choose from, whether you’re a sitter or owner.

They have the Basic plan, which doesn’t include anything special, but acts as the most affordable option for starters.

With TrustedHouseSitters’ Standard and Premium sitter plans, you receive an accident and third-party liability protection, which guarantees up to 1000000 per incident. Please note that the protection policy can change at any time, so do your research before subscribing to a plan.

Moreover, if you sign up for TrustedHouseSitters Premium plan, you get additional cool perks like a couple of airport lounge passes, sit cancellation insurance, and more. Better than what other Airbnb alternatives can offer.

It’s a great way to score cheap accommodation while spending time with pets anywhere in the world.

TrustedHouseSitters mobile applications: Android | iOS

13. Outdoorsy: RV Rentals

If you need a camper van or recreational vehicle (RV), Outdoorsy is an ideal candidate out of this list of Airbnb alternatives.

Would you rather spend your time away from hotels, hostels, and apartments by roaming the road?

If so, consider an RV rental website like Outdoorsy. While it’s nothing like other Airbnb alternatives, it’s still a great means to stay somewhere when traveling.

screenshot of outdoorsy's website
Outdoorsy screenshot.

How so?

Because it allows you to take your accommodation on the road.

Outdoorsy offers free roadside assistance and the option to rent out an RV or camper if you already own one.

All vehicles throughout Outdoorsy offer various amenities like:

  • WiFi
  • Solar panels
  • Air conditioning
  • Bike racks
  • Indoor and outdoor showers

Please note that when renting an RV, camper, or other vehicle from this site, you’ll likely pay for mileage, insurance coverage, service fees, and taxes.

If you’re worried about not having internet during your stay in an RV or camper, you can always resort to satellite internet or internet from your mobile provider.

Outdoorsy RV Rentals apps: Android | iOS

Why Switch from Airbnb?

There are loads of reasons you may opt for accommodation website alternatives.

You may find yourself in a city where Airbnb is illegal due to restrictions. These rules make it so landlords can’t offer short-term home rentals.

Other issues involve:

  • Lengthy booking processes
  • Difficult hosts
  • Lack of availability.

Or, you may want to search for other sites like Airbnb to help you find the best deal when traveling.

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