19 Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

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In 2020 alone, over five million became digital nomads.

Moreover, more have wanted to move to other countries to start a new life or explore new cultures.

Many countries especially on the tourist front have seen the economy decompose in an economic catastrophe. To help their economy’s long-term residents they begin offering them specially created temporary accommodation for freelancers and digital nomads.

Here’s my list of countries with digital nomad visas. Throughout this article, I will cover general information about each country or location’s freelancer visas, their requirements, and other tidbits about each country.

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Digital nomad visas are a type of visa offered by a destination that allows digital nomads and freelancers to stay in that country temporarily. Each of these digital nomad destinations has its definition for this type of visa. Moreover, each has different requirements.

However, you need to keep the following in mind. Not every company will allow you to work from your home country while staying in another country.

Why? Because of time zone differences and the potential of having to come into the office. However, there are plenty of companies that will allow you to work overseas.

Which Countries Have Digital Nomad Visas?

Keep reading to learn about the general information on each location’s freelancer visa. Moreover, explore additional information about each place so you can determine whether it’s the right place to move to.

1. Georgia

Income to qualify for Georgia’s nomad visa: $2000

Program cost: Couldn’t find a fee

Georgia digital nomad visa duration: 1 year

Average Georgia internet speed: 13 Mbps

Georgia, the country, offers a visa that targets self-employed individuals and remote workers. To qualify, you must meet their income requirements, be over 18 years old, and have health insurance.

Keep in mind that if you want to come to Georgia for a digital nomad visa, you have to hold a passport from one of the following 95 countries.

2. Croatia

Income to qualify for a visa: a monthly income of $2623 (HRK 16,907.50) and a bank balance of $31479 (HRK 202,890.00)

Program cost:

  • $65 (HRK 420.00) for a temporary stay
  • $71 (HRK 460.00) for the visa if you need one to visit Croatia
  • $48 (HRK 310.00) for the biometric residence card
  • Additional costs if Croatia’s government has to submit documents to the police

Croatia temporary stay duration: one year

Average Croatia internet speed: 20 Mbps

Croatia offers temporary stay for digital nomads and their close family. However, you’ll need travel or health insurance, a bank statement, and other items to successfully receive Croatia’s digital nomad visa.

If you don’t have travel insurance, I recommend going with World Nomad.

3. Dominica: Work in Nature

Income to qualify for visa: $49992 per year

Work In Nature cost: $100 for the WIN application fee and $800 for the visa fee or $1200 for a family

WIN visa duration: 18 months

Average Dominica internet speed: 9 Mbps

Dominica offers a Work In Nature (WIN) visa program to digital nomads seeking to stay in a beautiful country. Moreover, if you qualify for WIN, you can apply for a driver’s license, receive an income tax waiver and additional perks.

4. Barbados: Welcome Stamp Program

Income to qualify for visa: $50000 per year

Barbados Welcome Stamp Program cost: $3000 for a family and $2000 for yourself

Barbados Welcome Stamp duration: one year

Average Barbados internet speed: 27 Mbps

The beautiful country of Barbados offers a Welcome Stamp program that allows individuals or their families to stay on this tropical island for a set duration.

If you want to visit somewhere with fantastic healthcare and somewhere with a sound education system, get ready to pack your bags.

5. Iceland: Long-term Visa

Income to qualify for visa: $7766 (ISK 1000000) or $0097.09 (ISK 1300000)

Iceland long-term visa cost: $94 (ISK 12200) processing fee

Long-term visa duration: 180 days

Average Iceland internet speed: 28 Mbps

If you’ve always wanted to explore Iceland, you’re in luck. The land of fire and ice can provide a long-term visa program for remote workers and their families. With this visa, you can work for yourself or a foreign company. Moreover, you may have to go through a criminal record check to qualify for Iceland’s digital nomad visa.

6. Estonia

Income to qualify for visa: $4083 (€3504) gross per month

Program cost: $116 (€100) for a long and $93 (€80) for a short stay

Digital nomad visa duration: one year

Average Estonia internet speed: 32 Mbps

The Estonia digital nomad visa allows digital nomads who meet the income threshold requirement to stay in the country for a duration.

7. Cayman Islands: Concierge Program

Income to qualify for visa: $100000 monthly income

Cayman Islands Concierge Program cost: $1,469, plus $500 for each dependent

Cayman Islands Concierge Program duration: two years

Average Cayman Islands internet speed: 19 Mbps

If you want another Caribbean beach to work on your laptop with, explore Cayman Islands’ Concierge Program (GCCP). It’s a type of visa that targets digital nomads and allows them to stay for a set amount of time.

To qualify, you’ll need proof of employment, proof of health insurance, and police clearance, among other required documents.

8. Costa Rica: Rentista Visa

Income to qualify for a visa: $2500 per month and $60000 in your bank account

Costa Rica rentista visa cost: $50

Costa Rica rentista visa duration: two years

Average Costa Rica internet speed: 9 Mbps

The Costa Rica digital nomad visa, also known as the rentista visa, allows foreign digital nomads to stay in Costa Rica with their dependents for a long time. Moreover, keep in mind that you must remain in Costa Rica for at least four months out of each year.

9. Czech Republic: Zivno Visa

Income to qualify for a visa: $822 (18000 czk) if you’re single with no dependents

Zivno visa cost: $45 (100 czk) plus a $115 (2500 czk) application fee

Czech Republic Zivno visa duration: 12 months; afterward, you can extend it up to 24 months

Average Czechia internet speed: 38 Mbps

The Czech Republic, otherwise Czechia, offers the Zivno visa, which many refer to as the freelance or business visa. Czechia made this visa to attract foreigners who run businesses or are contractors (freelancers).

10. Bermuda: Bermuda Certificate

Income to qualify for a visa: None

Work From Bermuda cost: $263 application fee

Work From Bermuda certificate duration: one year plus renewals 

Average Bermuda internet speed: 20 Mbps

Bermuda offers a Work From Bermuda Certificate, which allows you to work and study remotely from this country.

However, keep in mind before getting this visa, you’ll also need insurance. Moreover, while Bermuda doesn’t have an income threshold, you’ll need an adequate income to survive here.

11. Bahamas: Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay

Income to qualify for a visa: Not required

Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay cost: $1000 plus $500 for each dependant

Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay duration: one year

Average Bahamas internet speed: 10 Mbps

A lot of island countries on the list. Bahamas offers Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS), a fantastic program that allows remote workers to chill in the Bahamas for a year. Also, as for many other countries on this list, you’ll need health insurance to qualify. 

12. Curaçao: @HOME

Income to qualify for a visa: None

Curaçao @HOME cost: $294

Curaçao @HOME duration: six months

Average Curaçao internet speed: 16 Mbps

Curaçao offers a digital nomad visa, otherwise known as @HOME, that allows you to stay in the country for up to a year—six months plus a possible six-month extension. 

13. Norway

Income to qualify for a visa

Program cost: $751 (NOK 6300)

Digital nomad visa duration: Lifetime

Average Norway internet speed: 47 Mbps

If you want to move to an expensive area but do not have to worry about renewing your visa, go with Norway’s digital nomad visa. However, there’s another stipulation. You must relocate to Svalbard.

14. Germany: Freiberufler Visa

Income to qualify for Germany’s freelance visa: between $3370 (3000€) and $5615 (5000€) in savings

Freiberufler visa cost: $69 (60€) plus $163 (140€) residence permit fee and a $302 (260€) settlement fee

Freiberufler visa duration: You can extend it for up to three years

Average internet speed in Germany: 30 Mbps

Instead of having a specific digital nomad visa in Germany, they label it a freelancing visa (Freiberufler visa). However, if you’re an artist, you can also apply for an artist visa.

To apply for Germany’s freelance visa, you’ll need to ensure you have a portfolio, a freelance plan, evidence that you have the funds to support yourself, letters of commitment from future clients, and more.

15. Antigua & Barbuda: Nomad Digital Residence

Income to qualify for a visa: $50000 per year

Nomad Digital Residence cost: $20000

Nomad Digital Residence visa duration: two years

Average Antigua internet speed: 9 Mbps

Antigua and Barbuda’s Nomad Digital Residence (NDR) allows foreign nationals to enjoy the safe Caribbean island’s amenities while remotely working.

16. Malta: Nomad Residence Permit

Income to qualify for a visa: $32000 per year

Nomad Residence Permit cost: $300

Nomad Residence Permit duration: one year

Average Malta internet speed: 35 Mbps

Malta offers a Nomad Residence Permit, allowing business and self-employed individuals to work and stay in Malta for a set duration.

17. Mexico

Income to qualify for a visa: $1620 monthly and $27000 in your bank

Mexico resident visa cost: $36

Mexico resident visa duration: one year; afterward, you can renew it for up to three years

Average Mexico internet speed: 12 Mbps

Mexico doesn’t offer a visa targeted at digital nomads or freelancers, but they offer a Visa de Residente Temporal (resident visa). To qualify, you must meet Mexico’s income and balance requirements.

18. Mauritius: Premium Travel Visa

Income to qualify for visa: $18000 per year 

Premium Travel Visa cost: Free

Premium Travel Visa duration: one year (renewable)

Average Mauritius internet speed: 6 Mbps

Mauritius offers an exclusive Premium Travel Visa to foreigners seeking beach life in one of the world’s most beautiful islands. If you like, Mauritius also allows you to bring your family to stay with you while you’re here.

19. Taiwan: Gold Card

Income to qualify for visa: Varies

Taiwan Gold Card cost: $225

Taiwan Gold Card duration: up to three years

Average Taiwan internet speed: 20 Mbps

While this country doesn’t specifically offer a digital nomad visa, Taiwan does offer a myriad of benefits and opportunities for high-performing individuals with its Gold Card program. Along with a close-knit community, tax benefits, an open work permit, and a chance for you to bring your family to this island country.

To qualify for Taiwan’s Gold Card, you’ll need to fall under one of their strict categories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Nomad Programs

The following are frequently asked questions commonly asked about digital nomads, freelancing, and digital nomad visas.

What Is the Difference Between Digital Nomads and Freelancers?

The differences between freelancers and digital nomads are:
– Freelancers don’t have to base their work online
– Digital nomads can’t work without technology
– With freelancing, you have more opportunities—in a way
– Digital nomads have limited tools

Overall, digital nomads and freelancers could be identical, depending on what type of freelancer you are.

Can I Work Remotely Without a Visa?

Whether you can work remotely without a visa depends on the country in that you’re residing. Since every country has different laws. However, most of the time, you will generally need an open work permit.

Which Country Will You Choose for Digital Nomad Visas?

While there are likely more countries with digital nomad visas, this is the list of the best ones that I could find.

If you need more help transitioning to a digital nomad lifestyle or moving to another country, explore other articles that I’ve written on Eager Nomad.

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