10 Unique Taiwanese Foods

a vector image of a wasp

If you’re thinking about visiting Taiwan, you will need to prepare yourself. Not just for traveling, but for the food as well. What could be so bad about the food? …

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11 Best Beaches in Taiwan

vector image of palm trees around a beach

Taiwan has a 973 mile (1566 kilometer) long coastline. The East China Sea borders the north. Taiwan Strait to the west. The Philippine Sea to the east. And the South …

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Guide to New Taipei’s Jiufen Old Street

vector image of traditional lanterns

You know the movie Spirited Away? Many people think that Jiufen inspired Miyazaki’s stunning visuals in his film. That’s far from the truth. Anyway, now that I have your attention, …

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How To Get To Taichung City

a vector image of a bus: How To Get To Taichung

To be able to do anything here, you’ll need to know how to get to Taichung, first. Summary: Unless you fly directly to Taichung, you can rent a car to …

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9 Top Things To Do in Taichung

vector image of a church in taichung

Are you traveling to Taichung and don’t know what to do? Then you’ll need to know what things to do in Taichung. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time aimlessly wandering around …

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