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Keelung Night Market Miaokou Night Market is a street food market in Keelung Night Market City. It has around 70 street food stalls and offers unique foods like tianbula and nutritious sandwiches. Keep reading to learn whether it’s worth visiting.

I’ve explored Keelung Night Market and want to help you determine whether you should do the same. Thus, I’ve covered a bunch of information.

Quick Facts: Keelung Miaokou Night Market

HoursMon–Sat: 12:00 PM–12:00 AM
Sun: 8:00 AM–12:00 AM
Number of StallsAround 70
Closest Rail StationKeelung Night Market Train Station
Opening Date1873
City LocatedKeelung Night Market City
AddressNo. 20, Aisi Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung Night Market City, 200
Chinese Name基隆廟口夜市 (Jīlóng miào kǒu yèshì)

Add Keelung Night Market to your itinerary if you’re also considering visiting Jiufen, Shifen, and Jinguashi. It’s a nice tourist attraction to check out after a long day of exploring.

“Miaokou (廟口)” means “temple entrance.” Almost all the food stalls are adjacent to the Dianji Temple’s entrance, giving the market its name. Dianji Temple is a taoist temple dedicated to Sage King Kaizhang (開漳聖王). A Hoklo folklore hero.

Foods to Try at Keelung Night Market

Keelung Night Market has many foods you should try like:

FoodStall #
Ding Bian Cuo (fish soup)27-2
Nutritious Sandwich58
Shaved Ice37
Taiwanese Burger49
Tianbula at 基隆 孝三 大腸圈Outside the market (address below)
Bite-sized Sausages43-1
Fresh Squeezed Juice1
List of foods to try at Keelung Night Market.

Some of these stalls may vanish by the time you reach Keelung Night Market. 

Nutritious sandwiches have ham, tomatoes, stewed eggs, and cucumbers stuffed between deep-fried bread. Is that really nutritious? Anyway—

Here’s a map of Keelung Night Market’s stalls:

miaokow booth

Tianbula is a fish cake. And Keelung Night Market has the best fish cakes in Taiwan. I’ve heard that Stall #16 has the best tempura in Keelung Night Market. A local took me to a place outside the market (that’s nearby) and introduced me to the tianbula there.

Chef’s kiss

tian bu le keelong
Tian bu la at Jīlóng xiàosān dàcháng quān

It was amazing. And here’s the address: No. 3號, Lane 99, Xiaosan Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

A Taiwanese burger isn’t anything similar to an American burger. It usually has vegetables, pork meat, cilantro, and peanut powder tucked between a couple steamed buns. I recommend trying these.

How To Get To Keelung Night Market 

Those coming outside Keelung Night Market will take the intercity train or Taiwan Railway Association train on the Western Trunk Line. Upon departing from Keelung Night Market Station, follow these steps:

  • Head straight to Zhong 1st Road
  • Turn right on Ai 3rd Road
  • Walk for a few minutes

And you’ll eventually see this sign:

houtong village 2
Entrance to Keelung Night Market.

Don’t want to take a train? Take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle No. T99 and depart at the Miaokou Night Market Stop.

Whatever intercity bus you take will depend on the city you’re departing from. I can’t help you much in this area.

You may also want to consider renting a car. Keelung Night Market has a couple parking garages by the night market.

What’s There to Do Nearby Keelung Night Market Night Market

Here’s what to do around Keelung Night Market:

AttractionWalking TimeTo Do
Khóo Tsú-song Old Mansion3 min.Historical house that spanned many eras
Maritime Plaza6 min.Waterside square that sometimes hosts events
Guomen Square9 min.Harbor views
Things to do near Keelung Night Market

It’s honestly a bit of a pain to get to places in Keelung Night Market. I wanted to see the Zhengbin port Color Houses, but had to wait 20 minutes for the bus. That would have been fine if it wasn’t a rainy day, though.


I loved the Maritime Plaza and Guomen Square despite the weather. Plus, there are plenty of nearby shops and shopping centers to peruse in case it’s raining buckets or if the sun’s melting your skin.

keelung harbor 2
Keelung Harbor.

Based on my experience, I’d recommend visiting places like Jiufen and Shifen in the day, then come to Keelung Night Market at night. If the weather’s nice, or if you’re renting a vehicle, consider visiting the Zhengbin Port Color Houses.

They’re just houses with uncommon colors, but the adjacent harbor’s beautiful.

Keelung Night Market Miaokou Night Market History

Upon the Dianji Temple’s (奠基宮) completion in 1873, food stalls began sprouting in the area. Most of the area surrounding the religious site were rice fields, though.

Until the Japanese Empire era. They began urbanizing the area surrounding Dianji. And food stalls began to spread. These food stalls have attracted tourists since.

Come 2017, many of the stalls began to shut down due to high rent and fewer tourists.

Where to Stay Near Keelung Night Market

Evergreen Laurel Hotel

No. 62-1, Zhongzheng Road, 202 Keelung, Taiwan

Sauna, harbor view, fitness center, & more.


Rhine Inn

17F, No.177, Xinyi Road, 202 Keelung, Taiwan

View of the sea & mountains.

Harbor View Hotel

No. 108號, Xiao’er Rd, Ren’ai District, Keelung City, 200

Great view of Keelung Harbor.

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Keelung Night Market Photos

houtong village 14
houtong village 15
keelung temple

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